short road trip
monday monday,

oh ya, it's the weekend

i like weekends.

they are so different than regular work days and i'm not sure why.

i don't have a "job" to go to during the week.

my "job" description does not change based on what day of the week it happens to be.

i'm always a wife, mom, daughter, sister, aunt, etc. that doesn't change if it's monday or saturday.

what does change is kiroman's schedule.

he works his hiney off during the week and every other saturday.

we used to spend our summer weekends at the cabin. not this summer. there is this little issue with the missouri river flooding that affects our lake community. we've moved everything of importance out of the cabin. we go weekly to check on things. we go weekly to see the devastation with our own eyes. we go every weekend to let larry know how much we appreciate everything he and his volunteers are doing to save our community.

now, we spend the weekends at our house. in our back yard. enjoying the really cool pool we are so blessed to have.

this past saturday we invited the whole office staff out for swimming and a little bbq. the weather was going to be awesome. no rain, a bit of cloud cover but definitely hot enough to be in the pool!

so saturday morning, i had my alarm set for 6am...but i was up too late on fri and when the alarm sounded, i shut it off insted hitting snooze. that meant i didn't roll outta bed til sometime between 7 and 7:30...definitely not as early as i had wanted. i need to learn that my body works on this 8 hour shift and i need to get to bed much earlier if i am planning these early morning rises!

so once outta bed, i let puppies out, fed puppies, checked on the cat food, did my barn chores, cleaned the kitchen, picked up the random messiness of the house, headed to the grocery store for the necessary grindage for the bbq...but of course, my store of choice, super target, did not have the chips i really needed for kiroman and teen ager so i had to make another stop at hy vee...see, super target was my first stop because i also needed to pick up some of those little needle things you use to put air in basketballs...after that, i headed home, cleaned out the old crap from the fridge, added the new crap and took what needed to go down stairs, down, scooped litter boxes, re-started the laundry, hosed down the pool deck, set out the cushions for the chairs, pulled weeds, cut weeds out of the flower beds, picked up a bucket of dog poo, cleaned out the dog poo bucket. then kiroman was home and i realized that i had stopped at not one but two grocery stores and only had the one bag of chips for kiroman and teen ager! i had failed to pick up chips for the bbq...what the heck? so i made kiroman ride along with me to the walmarts to rectify that problem. while there, we thought we'd check out their pool toys...but ummm, they don't have any left! they do have tons of school supplies at the ready...i guess someone should tell them there is still well over a month of summer left before school starts...and definitely more than a month left of swimming weather! yikes! i hate that the stores are so far ahead of what season we are actually in! - like, i'm trying to gather up some shorts before our upcoming's impossible! the shorts selection is very very very sparse right now...i guess i should have purchased them in march! who knew? -

soooooo, we tripped to the walmarts, found now pool toys, got the chips and headed back home...put on our suits and jumped in the pool and floated til every else got there.

jess and her husband, scott, and matt and his wife, tiffany, were there by 2:30...ashley had her grandma's birthday party and krystal was not feeling well so it ended up being a rather small get together. but that's ok, we all had a great time and enjoyed the afternoon!

teen ager had gone to lincoln for the afternoon to hang with a friend that had driven to the city the night before. he was also going to help her with some math that she needs to figure out before her compass test for college. she got home just after 7 and hung with us.

once everyone left, we fed ponies, let dogs out, fed dogs and decided to watch a movie.

the movie of choice was avatar. i know...we are so lame...the movie has been around forever but i had a mental block about watching it. i'm really tired of everyone pushing their political agendas upon me through entertainment...bono does it, springsteen does it, i'm just tired of are an entertainer...i just want to be entertained...i don't care to hear your political rhetoric while you are on stage...but whatever...

teen ager ended up staying home the rest of the evening and watched the movie with us, even though she had already seen it.

it was a pretty good movie and i didn't mind the rhetoric as much as i thought i would. the graphics were awesome and the message is one worth hearing. i did think it was a tad long and found my mind wandering a bit during the middle part.

then it was time to let puppies out one last time and we hit the sack.

kiroman was up bright and early this morning...he had some things he wanted to work on and be done with before the british open started...cuz he wanted to watch some of that before we headed out this morning for errands.

i woke up once about 7 and said to heck with it, i'm sleeping til 7:30 but didn't open my eyes again til 8! once again...that whole 8 hour thing set in!

so kiroman watched golf, i read and then we headed to the lake for our weekly check. things are still holding. it's still devastating to see it all. but it looks like things are holding for now. our place is still dry inside...we're one of the lucky ones...we have some water on the yard side of the sea wall but that's all fixable!

then we stopped for some mole killer, a side trip to best buy, we ran into toys r us (they had no water/pool toys either), stopped by the source to get it ready for epoc thursday night and headed home.

whoops...we did spray weeds before we headed out!

once home, i picked up more dog poo while kiroman finished up mowing the back yard (that i didn't get done when i mowed thursday)..we already had our suits on so we jumped in the pool right away! it was hot out there!

while mowing and picking up poo, i had paw and my mom's dog, buster, out with us. they had a grand time running around...mostly under the shade of the birch tree! paw is doing great and you would have no idea there is anything more wrong with him than old age. what a trooper he is!

as we were pulling into the neighborhood, teen ager was just leaving...heading to the city to do a few errands before heading back home.

she joined us in the pool when she did.

kiroman had a family stop out to swim for awhile this afternoon. they have two little boys, one almost 4 and just a baby. we all had a great time..once again, the pool was the best place to be this afternoon. the 4 year old helped kiroman feed ponies and then they went for a golf cart ride around the neighborhood.

after they left, the three of us took a couple rounds through the neighborhood on the golf cart, then it was supper time! teen ager headed out shortly after dinner to hang out with friends...kiroman and i hung out at home, let puppies out, fed them, and watched a bit of tv...

shortly after 9, kiroman called it a night, i headed out to clean up the kitchen from today, blog, read a bit more and grab a little snack.

not sure if i am staying up til teen ager gets home or if i will head to bed earlier so i can get out of bed when that alarm goes off in the morning instead of hitting snooze or shutting it off!

tomorrow - well actually, this whole week is going to be crazy busy! i have a lot of phone calls on my list for tomorrow, along with a few errands to take getting all my laundry caught up, folded and put away!

hope you enjoyed your weekend!

i am grateful:

  • for quality vs quantity time with my family
  • for task lists
  • for fresh fruit - yum O
  • for a teen ager willing to spend time with her mom and dad!!! she's pretty cool ;)
  • summer meals cooked on the grill

just breathing isn't living!


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