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oh ya, it's the weekend

short road trip

that's what today was.

a short road trip.

at least compared to my last few road trips, this one was easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

but first, i had told kiroman earlier this week that i need to start getting up at 6am in order to get everything done in a day that needs to be done anymore! just that extra 90 minutes a day will make a huge difference.

that was my intent this morning but it didn't happen exactly the way i had planned.

first of all, i was up way too late last night to attempt a 6am call. it was after midnight before i made it to bed.

i was working. really! i was...getting caught up on some book work but i ran into a few snags that ended up taking me longer than i had anticipated.

i'm an 8 hour a night sleeper. i know there are differing opinions on how much sleep one should have. i've heard anywhere from 6-9 hours.

my body does great on 8. kiroman does great on about 6-7 and teen ager does great on about 15...that's hours, not minutes!

so when my first alarm went off at 6...i hit snooze. when the second alarm went off at 6:30, i hit snooze. finally at just a few past 7, i forced myself outta bed and started the day.

first stop is let everyone out to potty....no, i don't potty outside...i leave that to the pups.

then everyone got a little breakfast and i headed to the shower.

my favorite farrier was due about 9:30.

once showered, i started up on the book work that i didn't get finished last night. i think i got the snags figured out. then it was time to get payroll taken care of and paper work faxed to the accountant.

the farrier arrived and we spent the next hour catching up on all the horse gossip. we have an awesome farrier and i always look forward to his visits.

then it was time to head out for the city and my road trip.

soooo...i picked up my mom, stopped by the bank, got a latte for kiroman, headed to the office to drop off said coffee and paychecks then we were outta there!

and we headed to the nebraska state capitol.

you see, we were having lunch with my grandmother. i needed to pick up some papers from her...there will probably be a post about this adventure at a later date when i know more of how this is all going to shake out! it will be exciting, that's for sure!

so, we picked up grandma, got the papers and went to her favorite lunch place...golden corral. we had a great lunch and it was nice to catch up...just the 3 of us...i should have taken some pics but i didn't. i just enjoyed the experience. we dropped grandma off at home and headed over to where my little bro works...we had some bidness to take care of.

last stop, q-stop for potty break and grab something to take that nasty salad dressing taste outta my mouth! it was ok dressing but the  after effect was not so good.

once back in the city, we stopped at the pool store to replace the nets for the pool side basketball hoop. i also picked up this really cool pool caterpillar...can't wait to have some kids over to play with it!

i dropped my mom off and picked up her pup. he gets to hang with us this weekend and he was so excited to see his pals tonight!

once home, i had a mess on the kitchen table to take care of, dinner dishes from last night to load into the dishwasher...once i emptied it of the clean dishes...make the bed, pick up a bit, feed everyone dinner and waited for kiroman to get home.

teen ager went to the city to have dinner with a friend and then to a movie...bad teacher, i think. she is on her way home now.

kiroman and i hung out, caught up on this very busy week, talked about our upcoming vaca and took the golf cart around the neighborhood a few times. once home, we let pups out again and settled in to watch a few episodes of american restoration...but then he quickly drifted off to the land of nod.

i am now finishing up for the night, thinking about catching up on an episode of season 3 true blood or reading the latest debbie macomber book, a turn in the road or maybe getting my book work from today done so i don't have to think about it this weekend.

or maybe, just maybe, i will hit the sack and start my day on time tomorrow ;)

sorry for no pics lately...i need to get back on that!

i am grateful:

  • for having lunch with my mom and grandma
  • for air conditioning in my car and my home on this very humid and hot day
  • for my great health
  • people are noticing the hard work i am putting in at the gym
  • my ginormous pile of mail is now sorted

just breathing isn't living!


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