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this goes way back

to june 20th.

i know, crazy huh?

but i did warn you that i would bring you up to speed but it may or may not be in chronological order.

it may happen as i come across pics and decide to tell the story behind them.

this is one of those cases.

i just happened across this folder on my desktop.

june 20th, 2011...

IMG_1045 you are probably thinking that's a lot of cleaning supplies, right? well, it is and it isn't. i'm sure you remember when i posted the flyer for the flood relief fund raiser we are doing at the office. well...for the month of june, we had collected enough to buy 10 kits to donate to the salvation army! how neat is that? that's pretty neat. seriously...we are thankful to all our practice members that donated, we even had a few chiropractors from out of state send money. this is near and dear to our hearts as our cabin is directly affected by this missouri river flooding. all i can say: it's devastating.

IMG_1045 sister is sad. teen ager had been up here, hanging out and then decided it was bed time. but more correctly, teen ager just wanted to escape to the solitude of her room. where she could lounge in her comfy bed, with her lap top on her lap and whatever happened to be on mtv on her tv...and we all know it's not music videos anymore! sister was relegated to stay with me. so this is her...pouting at the top of the steps, wondering what she ever did to be dismissed in such a manner.

oh, by the way, sister got over it pretty darn fast ;)

and that was my june 20th in a nut shell because i really don't remember a whole lot else about it. except the cashiers at the walmarts thought i was crazy since it took me two trips to purchase 10 cases of water, 10 gallons of bleach, 10 mops, 10 brushes, 10 pairs of rubber gloves and 10 buckets. but it was totally worth it!

now, i will bring you up to speed on today...so far anyways!

so, it started with kiroman's alarm going off shortly after 4am...no wait...it actually started off approximately 1am with thunder, wind and pounding rain. that woke me. kept me awake and then faltered off enough that i could go back to sleep.

THEN kiroman's alarm went off...he slept through the thunderstorm!

then my alarm went off at 5:45 and 6...i hit snooze and returned to slumber land...only to have the alarm ring again...i shut the alarm off, climbed outta bed and decided i wanted a bit more sleep so i grabbed the kitchen timer and set it for another 15 minutes. YES! victory!

i finally crawled outta bed at 6:50, the time teen ager indicated she wanted outta bed. then proceeded to take dogs out, feed dogs, throw on some yoga pants, put the hair in a pony, brush teeth, feed horses and head out the door for the dental appointment.

good news: it only took 30 minutes to get there in morning traffic :)

teen ager was a bit hesitant on going to a new dentist and i can't blame her. but we both really like him ... he is one awesome dentist! if you are in the city, i totally recommend him!!!! you can find him HERE however, the news we received from him was not so great but i know we are in great hands and all will be taken care of! whew...i will be making an appointment for myself!

after that, we headed to the gym. teen ager hadn't been in over 2 weeks so she was not looking forward to it too much. i was just there last friday so i was kinda looking forward to it. you know what i hate? when i get all hot and sweaty and then my nose starts running...that really bugs the crap outta me. so annoying.

after the work out, we stopped in the cafe for protein smoothies and dropped one off to kiroman at the office. where teen ager was also adjusted...i'm making time for that tomorrow :) then it was off to the mall. part of what we did there is surprise and i'm not telling! but i did find a cool pair of shorts for kiroman. he hasn't seen them yet and i'm not totally sure he is going to like them...we'll see. then it was a stop at victorias secret for a few items for me...and then we headed over to my nail gal. after a quick stop at the walmarts for a plastic tub for teen ager, we were finally home. yes! victory once again!

at that point i just wanted to crawl into bed for a nap like teen ager did but instead, i cleaned the kitchen, made the bed, picked up a bit, took care of dogs, fed horses, picked stalls and reheated kiroman's dinner...left overs from yesterday, chatted with kiroman and teen ager, cleaned up a piddle spot from sister...she's in heat and it's not a pretty sight in our household...g-dang it for not getting her spayed since the last heat cycle, now there is another 21 days to live through. in the mean time, cujo better start kissing the boys good bye...we leave for vacation about the time sister can get preggers and i'm not leaving that duty to the house sitter...not her battle to fight...so cujo will be making a trip to the snipsters!

ok, where was i? oh ya...the end of the day...kiroman has one last phone call and then we are retiring for the evening and watching last night's episode of falling skies...definitely my newest tv obsession!

i am grateful:

  • for a great new dental experience for teen ager
  • the cabin remains dry
  • for all that are fighting the flood...at waconda and every else!
  • for buckle bucks ;)
  • for a clean kitchen!

just breathing isn't living!


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