cashier etiquette
hellooooooooooo, friday!


i missed yesterday.

sue me.

no,  changed my mind, please do not sue me!

yesterday was a busy busy day.

it was epoc thursday. it was the day before we leave for vacation.

there was a lot to be done...including:

purchasing one iPhone 4...FOR MOI!

i am so excited. i've wanted to upgrade for a long time but could not justify the price.

so i stuck it out until i was eligible for a nice upgrade price.

so i did make time to do that yesterday.

along with one last target run.

ya know, to get those last minute travel essentials that i have forgotten every other time i visited the store this week!

we dined at spaghetti works and then it was epoc time!

miles bodzin was our guest and he was awesome!

he brought it to the table last night for sure! i was even compelled to give a little promo for cash practice, which he flipped :)

he is one great guy and i am so glad we've had the opportunity to host him twice!

then once home, kiroman hit the sack and i synced my new phone so i could have all my apps! i still have a ways to go to have it set up the way i want it but that's ok...i have a really cool front and back camera now ;)

i am grateful:

  • for better time management
  • for a super guest speaker
  • teen ager felt well enough to join us for dinner
  • kiroman and teen ager are all packed
  • for mail hold!

just breathing isn't living!


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