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way fat cat. way fat, lazy cat. he is so lazy that he had to lay down and drink his water this morning. can you even believe it? i couldn't and wasn't sure you would either...that's why there is a can even see his little tongue! now you know why he is so fat..he lays down to eat! i... Read more →

i had one today. i tried to get a picture. for proof. every time i went for the camera and went back to the window, the peeping tom was gone. well, it happened twice. at two different windows. the peeping tom = a humming bird! it was so cool. i just happened to glance out the window and saw it... Read more →

late december back in '63... not really. just kidding! last night we took the team of kcc to dave and busters for dinner and entertainment. however, i think dinner was quite entertaining in and of itself. one team member and husband wasn't able to make it so we need to find another time for us to do this all over... Read more →

older how the heck does that happen? every day, every single one of us is older. there are some days that i really feel older and some days that i would say nope, not a bit older! but with BEcoming older comes wisdom. and that wisdom is very important. i see teen ager gaining wisdom as she embarks on her... Read more →

today was a whirlwind. first of was teen ager's first day of college. talk about experience!!! wow! where did all the time go? i swear it was just last week that we took her to her first day of kindergarten...seriously! but the day really started with sister going to the vet first thing. it was time for her to... Read more →

was not a disappointment. especially if you had previously watched the original. we ended up at the late show last night. i didn't know the late show = 3D...are you kidding me? i HATE 3D movies. i will do ANYTHING to avoid them. i hate the glasses, the 3D never works for me and i end up with a headache... Read more →

kiroman did not work today and we had no where to go and so we were home on a saturday! wow! that doesn't happen very often! it was grand! he woke about 6 and i wasn't ready to get up yet so i asked him to wake me at 7 and he said he'd be back at 7:30...i didn't sleep... Read more →