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five minute friday...

linked up...

i know. i know.

you are all waiting for the vaca post with all the pictures and stories that go along with vaca and pictures.

i'm still working on it. i promise, i am.

however, in the mean time, i came across these fabulous photo op idea thingys.

i want to do more with photography. i'm looking for ways to be more engaged.

so i am starting here...

this photo was not taken with these linky parties in mind.

it was taken a month ago. while we were on vaca.

it's one of my faves of me and teen ager. and i thought it was a fitting way to start this project. i have no idea how these projects even work...i don't know if it's once a week, once a month or a random thing but i'm all in!

i love this kid. i can't imagine this world without her love for life energizing everyone around her. she's a pretty cool college girl!


click the pictures above if you want to know more about this embrace the camera or share your joy gigs...i'm sure there is more info on their sites than i was able to give you!

i am grateful:

  • my new hair style was noticed by my fam...no big deal...just changed the part...but they noticed
  • for a fairly non demanding day today
  • for starting a new month - so many possibilities
  • for my cheaters - makes reading menus so much easier ;)
  • for the life i live...not being cheesy...i am truly blessed to live this life!

just breathing isn't living!


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