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i forgive you

five minute friday: in real life

in real life i get tired. frustrated. angry. hurt.

i struggle with day to day things. average things sometimes and sometimes pretty big things.

but the one thing about in real life? you can get a hug. that hug can make all the difference in the world when you are having a not so good in real life day.

you can't receive that hug over the internets! you can receive encouraging words and cyber hugs. but nothing beats having a heart to heart with your bestie in real life!

i am also happy. giving. embracing. gracious. loving and caring. it's so much easier to share these feelings in real life. i know you can always type a smiley face :) but that isn't the same thing as seeing the look on a proud mom's face when you tell her you want to come see her son start as qb or see her son perform in an awesome play. those times are priceless and need to be cherished.

sometimes our words are perceived other than the way we intend but without in real life context, you can't always know that and sometimes feelings are hurt.

we have become so cyber oriented...whether it's social media, email, texting...we are losing our humanity and it makes me sad to see this onslaught.

don't get me wrong! i love to be able to send a quick pick me up email to a friend that i know is having a hard time but really? can't we make time to stop by and give a hug instead?

at what point did our lives become so self-important that we don't make time for the cleaver's anymore? [you know? the old leave it to beaver tv show...june had time for everyone!]

i think it's time we all unplug for a bit and just chill with the neighbors...face to face [as i sit in front of my computer, writing a post for you to read on your computer].

let's get back to in real life.

let's capture our humanity before it's too late.

[i'm not posting gratitudes because i have a post ready to go for 7am cst today...i just wanted to get my fmf post taken care of]


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