i forgive you
i'm so proud of my kiroman...

the country song - seether


i love this video! it never fails to put a grin on my face no matter what kind of day i am having! did you watch it? do you agree?

it cracks me up!

but then i looked up the lyrics. i mean i know most of them. i just got done mowing our acreage and listened to this song most of the time...i can't tell you the other song i listened to...it has naughty words in it and really, it's not about the nicest things but the beat is groovin'.

back to the lyrics...

say what you want but you're not gonna win this time

take what you want but just leave me alive

i know it's just a song but...i love these lyrics. they are quite liberating to me.

teen ager is having an issue with some dbag guy she dated for like a week but then she found out he was kissing some other girl while we were on vacation...i guess he thought that because teen ager was in another zip code, it didn't count [nod to the movie road trip]. any ways...he's saying stupid things about her to her friends...which is dumb on his part because they are going to tell her. or maybe that's his whole plan. who knows...drama drama drama.

but i showed teen ager these lyrics...let him say what he wants but she knows the truth. her real friends know the truth. so he's not gonna win this time.

he's taking what he wants by tying to run her in the ground but she will survive. it might be hard. it might be frustrating for her but she will survive.

i think we can all find ways to apply those few words to our own life. tell me about how they apply to you!!!

Funny-eyes i love the face she's making! she's so cute!

i am grateful:

  • to have the truck to drive while the jeep is in the shop this weekend
  • the lawn is mowed and i don't have to do it this weekend
  • teen ager helped me out with my jeep today
  • for the dry cleaning drop off/pick up service
  • for my comfy workout pants

just breathing isn't living!


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