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suck. that's the deal. plain and simple. posers = imposters, fakes, shams, sellers of snake oil, pretenders, hypocrites, skulkers, etc you get the idea, right? i hope so. so here's the deal...please be real. is it really that hard to be you? is it really that hard to be authentic? is it really that hard to be genuine? every day... Read more →

late october back in two thousand eleven i'm tellin' ya, it was one heck of a week and i loved every single moment of the experience! monday was so-so. [not entirely true but i'm not ready to talk about monday yet...maybe over this weekend. let's just say it was a really hard day. life was put in perspective on monday]... Read more →

have you ever traveled the freeway system in dallas, texas? i have. have you ever taken a wrong turn while traveling those freeways? i have. you know what i quickly learned? there is no simple way to make a u-turn. no easy way to exit here and get right back on and go back the way you came. there just... Read more →

i found this in my facebook messages this past saturday morning. it had been there a few days. somehow it was in "other" rather than my regular messages and i hadn't looked at it. i had some extra time while waiting for teenager to get ready to head over to the show, so i figured i should check it out.... Read more →

the blog post has been delayed on account that i am getting photos together and then i am hitting the sack...big day and hurry up and wait! but tomorrow you will see the pics from today. just sit tight and hold on! thanks, dear readers! i am grateful: for an awesome day at the horse show for an awesome waiter... Read more →

seriously. i am giving it the old college try. i'm attempting to start a new catch phrase around these parts. it's heehaw this encompasses anything that is remotely weird, strange, out of the ordinary...just plain not normal. what ever the heck normal might be...i really have no idea. anyway...people around here tend to use the term 'redneck' for things that... Read more →

let me tell you something...i deal with lots of people every single day. i have lots of things on my plate every single day. i am the trophy wife, after all, and i can handle it. i am dealing with running an ultra-successful business, an ultra-successful household, a daughter navigating her freshman year of college, helping kiroman cultivate his... Read more →

i was just talking with my mom today about routines. getting back to the basics. when life gets hectic, busy, consuming...whatever you want to call it but you know what i'm talking about. i'm talking about the days where you feel like you are running around like a chicken with its head cut off...sometimes going in circles and sometimes going... Read more →