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back to the basics

i was just talking with my mom today about routines.

getting back to the basics.

when life gets hectic, busy, consuming...whatever you want to call it but you know what i'm talking about.

i'm talking about the days where you feel like you are running around like a chicken with its head cut off...sometimes going in circles and sometimes going full tilt forward.

the kind of days where you catch yourself coming and going. where you feel like your day is being spent on putting out fires rather than taking care of priorities.

we've all been there and we've all done that.

one thing that was talked about during our lifebook session [you are going to get so tired of hearing about it that you are going to want to experience it for yourself] is that routines really are liberating.

most people look at routines and schedules as being binding but they really aren't.

if you do it correctly, the routine and schedule actually frees you up to do what matters most to you!


there are so many different programs out there and there is one that speaks directly to you.

i've done several and they all worked...i was just at different places in my life each time.

after awhile, i find myself thinking that "i've got it" and i kinda slack off on the routine thing. and fly by the seat of my pants. then i find myself craving the peace that routines bring me.

i'm craving that sanctity once again.

and i've gone back to flylady. and no, she's nothing like jeff goldblum's character in the fly.

she got her name because she enjoys fly fishing!

anyway...last week, i spent some time at her website, refreshed my mind and pulled out my really old control journal and am in the process of re-vamping it...i'm still moving forward with her routines...not letting the re-vamping process slow me down.

i'm re-learning not to wait until something needs to be done...i have a schedule for shopping, laundry, dishes, refreshing the house...there are a few things that can through everything off...the doolittles, the office and teenager...

but i know that and i own that and i'm good with that.

if you are looking to gain a little control over your get things done that are a priority, to get rid of the fires in your life...check out her website. there is absolutely nothing you have to's all there for you!

and i leave you with this...i wish i could remember where i downloaded this from but it was a freebie off the internet...i've looked everywhere for a clue...if you recognize it, please let me know!!!

BOOdefinitely needs a little pumpkin here and there...that will be today's task!

i am grateful:

  • for mondays
  • for a great start to an all new week
  • for unconditional love of the doolittles and lions
  • for family photos
  • for a nourishing rain

just breathing isn't living!


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