it's not all about you



i am giving it the old college try.

i'm attempting to start a new catch phrase around these parts.



this encompasses anything that is remotely weird, strange, out of the ordinary...just plain not normal.

what ever the heck normal might be...i really have no idea.

anyway...people around here tend to use the term 'redneck' for things that are just plain 'redneck'.

i'd rather see them use the term 'heehaw' instead.

because i thought of it.

i mean, i went as far as to name the pontoon boat 'redneck'.


because we did this:

yes, we really did. we pulled 'tubers' behind the pontoon boat when we have a perfectly good 'speed' boat. we've also pulled knee boarders...but i can't locate the photo right now...our pontoon will go fast, for a pontoon, that is. it has like a 90 horse engine...that's crazy for a pontoon...thus i have christened her 'heehaw'.

however, we do have a lot of fun on 'heehaw'...on special occasions, late at night, you may witness expressive dancing...with towels and t-shirts being used instead of scarves. most assuredly during the day, you will the passengers of 'heehaw' engaging in the macarena, the ymca and the stomp song...whatever it's called. i think we should incorporate the hokey pokey and the chicken dance next summer. who's in?

so, what i really meant to say is that i call it 'heehaw' when we pull tubers and kneeboarders behind the pontoon boat.

i also call this 'heehaw"

this would be me and kiroman. huddled together on the lawn tractor. hauling our garbage down our long and winding road, i mean driveway. just as we started down, teenager was driving up. so stopped. she stopped and we requested to have our picture taken. you will notice the one large green garbage can. what you can't see, is the second large green garbage can attached to the other side of the tractor. obviously you see the large box on top of the garbage cans and the second large box i am balancing upon the mower deck. yep...we got it all down there in one fell swoop and i feel fine.

please, i am begging you, please do not lecture me on recycling, ok? cuz i won't listen to you. not because i'm being obtuse but because you don't live in my house, k? when we were living in the city, we recycled. why? it's touted as being good for the environment, i felt good doing it and they, the garbage peeps, picked it up curbside every.single.week. then we moved to the country. there is no such thing as recycling. they do not pick it up roadside. you have to haul it all in...when they are open [not very convenient hours] and they refuse as much as they take...which makes separating very difficult when the rules change from week to week. recycling = burning in the country. and please, i don't want to hear about burning is least it wasn't filling up the landfill...i get that recycling is a good thing. i'm all for it...someone tell my trash company to start picking it at the end of my driveway, then i'll be good

and then there is this:


i spent my whole day looking like this. there was a time in my life when i would have never walked out the door looking this way much less go to lunch with our investment guy and do a few more errands in the city. that's right. that's me. in my queen hat, with my hair in a pony tail, not a stitch of make up on, a tank top under the sweatshirt jacket and freaking tennis shoes on! the only time i wear tennis shoes is when i am at the gym! why did i even have these on? oh ya...we stripped stalls and these are the old shoes. i didn't wear these shoes to lunch...and we stripped stalls after lunch...definitely not before! after we sat down for dinner, i asked kiroman what was wrong with me? am i that old that i just don't care anymore?


or am i just that confident in who i am that it doesn't matter?

i putting my money on the later, what about you?

i am grateful:

  • for spending the entire day with my kiroman
  • stalls got done before i left for the weekend
  • to be heehaw once in awhile
  • to not have to pretend who i am
  • my family loves me

just breathing isn't living!


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