wrong turn

i am humbled

i found this in my facebook messages this past saturday morning.

it had been there a few days.

somehow it was in "other" rather than my regular messages and i hadn't looked at it.

i had some extra time while waiting for teenager to get ready to head over to the show, so i figured i should check it out.

and this is what i found:

Hi! I feel strange sending this message but I just felt like I had to write you today and let you know I have been following your blog for a while now and I feel as if you are speaking to me and about my life most days :) have given me a lot to think about with some of your posts and I just wanted to let you know that you have made a difference in the way I think about some things and you have made a difference in my perspective on life. thank you for your blog and thank you for your insight. keep blogging and have a great weekend.....

i did send a message immediately to the writer. i felt really bad.

really bad.

but her message made me feel so good.

so really good!

there are some days that you just need an extra boost...and i certainly did on saturday morning.

honestly, i had no idea that i had any kind of impact like this on other people. i just write whatever is ticking me off, making me happy, something to gripe about, photos of things going on in my life...just whatever comes off the top of my head in that moment.

i am grateful for all my readers. i know there are quite a few...i can see my stats :) ... but to get a message like this?

it was very humbling to say the least.

and it gives me the fuel to write on! thank you, for that!

i know it's been a few days since i last posted...i got out of sync while at the horse show and catching up on things here at hoe=me while dealing with some very emotional issues has kept my writing at bay.

i promise to make it all up to you, dear readers, this week. there is a lot to catch you up on!

some awesome, some happy and some struggles.

but i know it is all going to shake out the way it is supposed to and i'm working on being good with that!

i will leave you with one pic from the weekend...if you are a facebook friend, you have probably already seen it but i'm posting here again!

B-and-bootsthis was taken saturday afternoon. teenager [with her new old gringo boots] and cookie...going out to lounge before she rode.

i am grateful:

  • for our safe travel to the horse show
  • the hotel we stayed at was not full of bed bugs
  • the hotel we stayed at was relatively clean
  • for not being physically assaulted while in this horse show town
  • for the awesome upgrade the avis guy gave us...wish i had taken a picture of that 2012 orange camaro convertible...dang it!

just breathing isn't living!


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