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kiroman is home...


we don't do this very often.

usually it only happens in june...during world show time. and teenager and i are the ones who are gone. not him.

he left wednesday and got home this afternoon.

that's like five days! but only three we didn't actually see each other. i saw him wednesday...i took him to the airport. and teenager and i picked him up today.

i was excited to hear about his weekend in san diego. i knew it was going to be EPIC.

we had been in contact constantly the whole time he was gone. through the wonders of technology! we texted, i followed on facebook, he sent me pictures, i saw more pictures posted on facebook. it was like being there but not, ya know?

i'm really sorry we weren't able to hear him speak...i hear he rocked their world! and that makes me proud!

he is one cool speaker...he keeps it real. he remembers where he started and how he got to where he is today. he is humble...that's why i brag the heck outta him! he deserves it!

he spoke to hundreds of chiropractors saturday. what he had to say will stay with them for more than just a jacuzzi experience. they will take it home with them and put it into practice. and the lives that will be changed because of our sacrifice is immeasurable.

why sacrifice? i don't mean that in a bad way. it's just the way it is.

kiroman needs to be out there spreading his message among other chiropracTORs. i'm cool with that. he's cool with that. teenager is cool with that. our staff is cool with that. and i truly hope the members of our practice are cool with that!

but the sacrifice comes in here: i don't get to see my husband. our daughter doesn't see her daddy and our practice members wait until monday...although we had a plan in place for emergencies!!!!

it is so heartwarming to hear the stories he has had to tell. the people he has connected with. how everyone is on the same page for chiropracTIC! it's all about chiropracTIC, sharing, caring, loving what we do day in and day out.

that makes it all worthwhile.

texting when we can, talking during lunch and after dinner and right before bed. seeing the pictures of what is happening half a country away.

i wouldn't change a thing! i love this life and wouldn't have it any other way!

22 years ago, i had no idea this was the direction we were headed.

none. nada, zippo.

it's been awesome and i am grateful for every single moment!

here are a few pics from the weekend [even though my watermark is on each pic, i did not take them but i still wanted them marked before i posted...just wanted to clarify]:

Epic-1matt francouer, jeff may, rebecca wilson, kiroman

Epic-1kiroman and nico jackson

Epic-1kiroman, rebecca wilson and jeff may

Epic-1THE kiroman, kicking it on stage! oh ya!

how do you love that packed house in san diego??? i'm loving that so many were there to improve their communication skills, share with one another, love each other and what they do!

face it...chiropracTORs just plain ROCK!

i am so blessed to be part of this culture!

i am grateful:

  • for each opportunity presented to me every day
  • to be independent enough to take care of everything while kiroman is away
  • to be dependent enough to love that he is home
  • kiroman and i have found a way for all this to work for us
  • someone else was here to let doolittles out this afternoon!

just breathing isn't living!


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