you must, you have to, there is no other way...
"what a wonderful life i've had!"

lake house remodel

i just don't know where to start!

this is something i have been wanting to do for a very long time.

probably since the day we bought this house.

this was a bittersweet summer.

high water and flooding put it all at risk.

we were one of the lucky ones.

our house remained dry.

our septic remained in tack.

our yard remained whole.

our dock, sea wall and lifts are essentially fine.

we were one of the lucky ones.

and my heart aches for those that have suffered. in and out of our community.

there were times of hope and times of surrender.

there were times when we left there, i wept the whole drive home.

there were times when we left i had great hope.

there were times of despair when i was ready to sell it, furnishings, boats and all.

then i realized how much i love being part of that little community. how much i enjoy spending my weekends there. unplugged and enjoying life.

that's when we decided it was time to start the re-model. and i am so stoked!

we did do a little painting a few years ago. the whole place was done in paneling, which was the case of most places built there in the early '80's.

we just painted over the paneling. i love the effect! i love the texture of the walls!

but now it's time for some serious work. i have my list and i'm ready to get started with a little help from some professionals!!!

so, i had mentioned on facebook the other day that the color palette has been selected and here it is:

so this week, teenager and i are going to head out to the lake and unpack what we have moved back in, do a little cleaning and get ready for the changes!!!

stay tuned for updates!!!!

and here is a picture of the lions...they like to snuggle with kiroman at night!


i am grateful:

  • for learning the "no jack ass" policy at lifebook
  • for being able to put that policy into place
  • for having the color palette selected
  • for spending some time at the pumpkin patch with my family this last weekend
  • for teenager's interest in photography