wrong turn

oh what a week!!!

late october

back in two thousand eleven

i'm tellin' ya, it was one heck of a week and i loved every single moment of the experience!

monday was so-so. [not entirely true but i'm not ready to talk about monday yet...maybe over this weekend. let's just say it was a really hard day. life was put in perspective on monday]

tuesday was fine, also. [kyrstal had her baby!!!! congrats!!!]

then wednesday hit!

oh my!

dr dr jeff stamp [yes, that not one but two phd's] arrived just before noon. he hung out at the office. he observed. he made suggestions. he watched. he listened. he made suggestions. [we refer to him as pocket scientist]

folks, this is one smart man! he created this little pbs show called newton's apple. he created baked lays. he created one of the first cross over vehicles for dodge. he wrote a kids book [red and slim; one hot day] that is freaking awesome! i have no idea how many other things he has created. let's just say, he is one smart man and i was honored to have him in our office!!

then i picked up  dr dave jackson [mr october BE cause he speaks at epoc every single october from the last four years until the end of time] from the airport and we headed to the office. where he dittoed what stamper was doing.

then we met for dinner at sullivan's. joe was our waiter and he was awesome! our food was awesome. the atmosphere was awesome. but most importantly, the company was awesome! i hated for our 2.5 hour dinner to end. but end it did.

then thursday started bright and early meeting with mr october and pocket scientist. there was filming of three modules and talking and suggesting and listening.

then it was time for dinner prior to epoc.

and epoc rocked. it was standing room only last night. stamper spoke first. he was awesome. i'm sorry i missed him in san diego a few weeks ago!

then epic practice guru spoke. and he was spot on. he was on fire. he was on purpose!

then it was over. it seemed, just like that. it was over. be cause the message was so authentic and true, time just flew by. i think we could have listened for another 3 hours!

and now, here we are...friday evening.

dr jeff drove in, so he drove home.

i picked up dr dave this morning and escorted him to the airport.

i had a few things to take care of at the office, then home to do some paperwork and then back to town to gather my groceries for our big family dinner sunday.


it's going to be like thanksgiving here! i can't wait!

kiroman and i committed at lifebook [i figured since i haven't really talked about it lately that i should throw it in here ;) ] to have one family dinner every month.

i'm not talking just me, teenager and him. i mean my mom, his mom and dad [and their respective spouses] and my three brothers, their wives and all their kids! it's going to be a hoot! you know what you are? you're a hoot, that's what you are! [nod to boston legal...sorry]

i'm hoping to be able to get lots of pictures to post...wish me luck!

and this:

Hatthis made me very very happy! a great friend gave this to me thursday night. made my day even better! why? well, first of all, she thought enough of me to purchase this hat and drag it all the way back to nebraska. it's a cool hat. it has burnt orange on it and lots of bling...you know how i love me some bling, right? plus it's texas!!!

keep on rockin' in the free world [sorry, that just slipped out...it's been on my brain all day and i find myself humming and/or singing it...it's not like i can really hum and sing at the same time so obviously i am alternating between the two]

i am grateful:

  • for the incredible time spent with dr david jackson and dr dr jeffrey stamp [yes, i meant to have dr dr and it's not redundant, he does have two separate phd's]
  • our office was once again voted the best in omaha...yeah, baby [channeling austin powers now]
  • groceries are purchased for the big dinner
  • for the blessings in my life
  • for being able to surround myself with some pretty awesome people

just breathing isn't living!


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