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let me first say that i am in no way affiliated with toms shoes, i will gain NOTHING by posting this post. but i know you need to know this if you don't already! toms shoes is this awesome shoe company that donates one pair of shoes for every single pair sold. these donated shoes go to shoeless people around... Read more →

ok, i know you read that but i want you to go back and read it again. really read it this time. i want you to concentrate on every single word you see there. let it resonate inside your soul. really feel what those words mean to you. first you have to be the thing called loving, courageous, joyous, friendly... Read more →

this is fitting for me right now. i'm reflecting on my life a little right now. no, i'm not waxing poetic, i promise...just reflecting. at one issue in particular. an issue where someone comes to you looking for help. so you help. and it seems the more you help, the more they demand you help them. i remember it oh... Read more →

why is it that this newest work generation feels entitled? and it's not just me noticing this. i have talked with some very successful business and out of the chiropractic profession. it's sad to say that this internet generation is not willing to pay their dues. they don't even understand what it means. they think they are going to... Read more →

no offense to you blonds out there! i'm one myself, even if it mostly comes from a bottle/tube! but here's what happened... kiroman and i headed out last wednesday night for a 4 retreat in the windy city [which really did prove to be windy!] because of the dynamics of our day, we each drove ourselves to the airport and... Read more →