back to the basics

it's not all about you

let me tell you something...i deal with lots of people every single day. i have lots of things on my plate every single day. i am the trophy wife, after all, and i can handle it. i am dealing with running an ultra-successful business, an ultra-successful household, a daughter navigating her freshman year of college, helping kiroman cultivate his speaking career, the dogs, cats and horses, my artistic creativity craves more time, running a "club" for local chiropractors, we're in the middle of a re-decorating process at our house house, a total re-model at the lake house, cultivating intentional relationships, spending time with our extended family, plus horse showing. it's not easy, folks.

i'm not making excuses...i'm just keepin' it real here.

facebook can be an outlet for all that i am dealing with.

face it, there are some interesting things shared there. some encouraging, some helpful, some enlightening and some of it is just plain funny.

i share a little of everything. most of it is re-posted from another source...whether it be from a blog, an email or from a fellow facebooker.

i share it because it means something to me in a very forward way or maybe in an obscure way.

i may share it because i feel it will help a friend dealing with a crisis.

i may share it because it's just plain funny.


it's my facebook and i can post whatever i want to as long as mark zuckerberg feels i don't violate any facebook laws. i don't profess to be politically correct. honestly, if you don't like what i have to say, don't read it. if you like what i have to say, welcome to my facebook abode.

i have a friend that has experienced some chastisement about what she has been posting on her own facebook page...that she needs to take life more serious right now.

well, guess what? it's like i said up there...if you don't like what you are reading, hide my posts, delete me as a friend...whatever...but i surely do not expect you to criticize me about what i am posting on my own facebook page!

i am dealing with many many many people on a daily basis...salesmen, contractors, customer non-service reps, vendors or even the bonehead that would have side swiped me if i hadn't been watching what they should have been paying attention to...that comment or post i made could have been about any number of people. or it might have been posted for a friend that is struggling with his or her own issues.

at what point did it become all about you?

believe it or not...sometimes it's all about me!!!


did i really just type that out loud?

did i really just go there?


yes i did.

sometimes my life is about me and what i'm struggling with.

there is nothing wrong with helping myself first once in awhile.

i know some of you reading are going to think i am being awfully self centered and conceited and not very thoughtful or giving.

but let me tell you something...only a healthy person [inside and out, emotionally and physically] is going to be able to contribute to their community in the most effective way.

you all know is so much easier to be a contributor when you are happy and feeling good. when you aren't happy and feeling good, the chances of you positively affecting your environment wanes.

[and i get there are exceptions to the rule, ok ;) ]

how many of you have ever flown?

how many of you have ever paid attention to the safety announcements before take off?

how many of you have heard this:

[in so many words] put your oxygen mask on first, before helping those around you.

how many of you understand this should be applied to your whole life?

you have to be of value to yourself before you can be of value to anyone else.

just one more thing i learned in our lifebook session...sometimes it's ok for it to be all about me. not on a regular,24/7/365 basis. i'm talkin' once in awhile. you have to be able to sit back, re-group and go at it again.

believe me, if you are not happy and healthy inside and out, people are going to pick up on it very quickly. and they aren't gonna buy what you are sellin', so to speak.

to be at the top of your game, you've got to be on top of your game! and sometimes you have to put yourself ahead of everyone else around you, take that big breath and move forward!

i am grateful:

  • for my successful trip to the bookstore
  • for cordless telephones
  • for the notes from my nephews
  • for a good dental appointment
  • for subway art

just breathing isn't living!


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