oh what a week!!!
not just another monday



that's the deal.

plain and simple.

posers = imposters, fakes, shams, sellers of snake oil, pretenders, hypocrites, skulkers, etc

you get the idea, right?

i hope so.

so here's the deal...please be real.

is it really that hard to be you?

is it really that hard to be authentic?

is it really that hard to be genuine?

every day i'm experiencing more and more posers.

and guess what? not a fan.

not a fan at all.

i'm me.

take it or leave it.

i don't change who i am...no matter who i am with or where i am.

i am trophy wife!

i've been told that i am intimidating.

i've been told that i am stand offish.

i've been told that i am other things that i will not repeat on this platform.

and maybe i am some of those things. and maybe i am all of those things. and maybe i am none of those things.

i can't give you your opinion of me. but i can give you my perception of me. in the way i carry myself. in the way i treat myself. and most importantly in the way i treat others...family, friends, acquaintences and strangers.

one thing i know that i am not and that is: i am not a poser.

i don't pretend. you won't catch me pretending [unless i'm hanging with my nieces and nephews and we're playing] but in my real, every day life...not gonna happen.

it's too hard to try to remember who to be when and where. so i'm the same wherever i am.

what really gets me is when someone does something nice and then turns around and is almost hateful in their actions...sometimes i feel they don't even realize what they are doing.

then there are those that act like they are doing something for the greater good but if you look closely, you realize that the whole time they professing, quite loudly, how much they are sacrificing in order to help the greater good.

well, guess what, poser...if you have to point out all of your sacrifices, then you aren't doing what you do for the greater good...you are doing it solely for the applause and accolades...you need people to think you are great instead of knowing you are great. i'm not sure and please correct me if i am wrong...but did you ever see mother teresa beg for applause and accolades?

i didn't think so. and i can think of no other woman that ever gave so selflessly of herself. i never heard her proclaim her sacrifices. i just never heard it and i bet you didn't either.

so take that, posers!

i am disempowering these types of people in my life. disengaging. removing. relinquishing.

oh heck...

sayanara, sweetheart!

life is too short for me to spend time with posers, pretenders and knuckle heads.

i'm done.

just be true.

if it's really that hard for you, i suggest you find someone to coach you through and find a better you.

but please, do not do me, or yourself, the disservice of liking me only to be two faced and spiteful.

i'm over it.

junior high was a long time ago for me. i didn't really care for it then [just ask my mom] and i certainly do not care to return to it.

i'm always telling teenager that someday you leave high school behind. i didn't realize that almost 30 years later i would still be looking to put it behind me.

i am grateful:

  • to have really big shoulders to let all this crap roll off of
  • to be mature enough to realize not everything is about me
  • to be able to choose those i spend my time with
  • to have the confidence to relinquish toxic relationships
  • to know that i am in the driver's seat of my life


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