i am humbled
oh what a week!!!

wrong turn

have you ever traveled the freeway system in dallas, texas?

i have.

have you ever taken a wrong turn while traveling those freeways?

i have.

you know what i quickly learned?

there is no simple way to make a u-turn. no easy way to exit here and get right back on and go back the way you came. there just is no simple way to get back to where you were so you can go where you intended to go, minus that little wrong turn.

and all the while, my little gps lady is trying to tell me how to go and she's wrong wrong wrong! apparently the freeway system of dallas changes faster than she can update her data bank!

in true ron white fashion, i had to tell you that story in order to tell you this one:

we've taken a few wrong turns.

they seemed right in the beginning. i'm not sure exactly what went wrong or where but i now know that it was definitely a left turn when we should have gone right.

the hard part is now trying to find our way to where we intended to go. we know where that place is...i guess, really, it's more like how to disengage from the wrong turn and engage in the right turn!

sometimes it's hard to do that. sometimes it's just not as easy as it seems. sometimes it is painful.

and this is going to be painful but in the end, it's going to be so right for our family and ultimately will uphold the core values of our family.

i mean, seriously, if your core values are not being upheld in whatever wrong turn you may find yourself...you owe it to yourself, and your core values, to go back and take the right turn this time.

kiroman always says that it's not a mistake if you learn by it. that's why i'm calling it a wrong turn.

i know it's all going to work out the way it's supposed to. i know that in the end, it will be the best thing. i know what i know.

i'm not gonna lie...i've shed some curse words when finding myself in the middle of a wrong turn on those dang freeways. i know i will shed more curse words finding my way through these other wrong turns.

but ya know what?

it's all good.

i am grateful:

  • for being able to recognize a wrong turn
  • for having the courage to correct that wrong turn
  • for having the support to correct that wrong turn
  • for valet parking [random, i know]
  • for my kelly moore camera bag

just breathing isn't living!


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