rebound hound abounds
after thanksgiving pause...

help me understand...

i frequent this local grocery store often.

most usually it's because super target doesn't carry everything i like to have in my pantry/fridge.

so that means an extra stop. which is fine, because the local grocery store doesn't carry everything i like to have in my pantry/fridge.

so the two stores work hand in hand for me.

but lately, something has really been bugging me at the local grocery store.

and today, i finally had enough and had teenager take a pic of it so i could blog about it tonight.

while i'm waiting for the time to wake kiroman so he can put the turkey in the smoker :)

here's the pic:

Alegrathe problem i have with this?

in each and every check out lane, you will find not one, not two but at least three of these order dividers.

if you have read my blog for any length of time, you know that i have a thing about using these little cuties.

i think it's just the right thing to do...whether there is someone in line behind me or not...i always put one down behind my last item.

because you never know when someone is going to step into line behind i'm prepared!

so today, it really bugged me...more than usual...that i have to use an order divider that is advertising a drug. a drug that would be rendered useless if everyone were under regular chiropractic care.

it's bugging me to the point that i want to write the store manager, the district supervisor...somebody!

it offends me that the local grocery store has so blatantly bought into this. it offends me that every shopper of this grocery must see this and think it must be ok.

i just don't know if i can continue to shop there where i am propagandized in the check out line!

i am grateful:

  • for each every day we have with paw paw
  • for every good day paw paw has
  • to have most of my family with us for thanksgiving dinner
  • to feel very prepared for thanksgiving dinner
  • for the safe travels for everyone today!!

just breathing isn't living!


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