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cuz it's gonna be one of those kind of days. the smile you see on my face today does not reach my eyes. my eyes are spending too much time shedding tears today. rebound hound is still with us but today has been one of the hardest days yet. i must say though...i absolutely adore his vet...dr koppold. she is... Read more →

that's what i call him. paw, that is. he's my little rebounder. i've cried so many tears over the last few weeks...starting clear back on october 24th. that was the day after we got back from the horse show and i just knew it was going to be his last. i hem hawed on taking him to the vet. i... Read more →

so you read last post...this one picks up somewhere in the middle! i hope you can follow along... so...after sleeping on the floor with paw...which did absolutely nothing to help my sore neck and shoulder...which i have been battling since going back to the gym last friday, thank you very much...i have been getting adjusted and that has helped tremendously... Read more →

usually when someone tells me i'm lucky, my first response is no, i'm not. i've worked hard for everything i have. kiroman and i've been married for almost 26 years and together for almost 27 years. that's not luck, people. some day i will tell you the story of us but not tonight. tonight i am going to tell you... Read more →