these boots are made for walkin'
RIP Paw Paw Bear

hello, darlin'

nice to see

it's been a long time

[gentle nod to conway twitty]

first, i'd like to thank all of you that sent messages...telling me you missed the posts, asking if things were ok...

things have not been ok but they will get better.

just lots of crap going on and my mojo kinda hibernated.

this is just a quick little note to let you know that i am alive and kickin'.

i have a lot to tell you and i promise to get to it in short order.

right now finds me and teenager sitting in a hotel room in oklahoma city. we're here for the holiday classic paint show.

we're gonna be here awhile so i will have plenty of time to catch up on the experiences of my life lately!

just to tide you over, here is a pic of my two of my most favorite peeps in the world:

i am grateful:

  • for a safe trip to okc
  • 26 years of wedded bliss
  • the awesome weather we have experienced
  • all my brothers and their families were able to make it to christmas
  • kiroman unstuck the drawer below the oven this morning

just breathing isn't living!


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