hello, darlin'

these boots are made for walkin'

Nancyi love me some nancy sinatra, don't you? i love this song and check out this lady...she is one cool woman!

but that's not what i'm really talkin' about here.

last weekend found kiroman speaking at brad glowaki's marketing bonanza in phoenix. i opted to stay home and make sure teenager studied for her finals.

but then i found out she really wasn't having any finals so to speak. there was a paper due, and the other classes weren't finals...just plain ol' exams.

so i probably could have gone but...i do what i do so kiroman can do what he does...and staying home was the thing i decided to do.

which is too bad because the feedback i have seen...pretty much states that kiroman was off the charts on fire that day...i'm sad to to have missed it :(

anyways, i digress...

i had decided i needed a pair of uggs. and need is not the correct word. i wanted a pair of uggs, how's that?

i have steered clear of the whole ugg scene this far but they were really calling out to me...go figure.

so i found a pair of regular ol' uggs...the taller ones, the plain darker ones...then teenager saw these and decided that they were the ones i must have:

Uggsthey are the bomber leather ones! i really like them and have worn them quite a few times already! i think i'm glad to have jumped on this bandwagon!

for this next series of boots i need to go back to when teenager fell in love with old gringo's. she searched high and low for a pair and finally found the ones online so we ordered away. once her boots arrived, i decided that i should have a pair looked high and low for the right pair for me and settled on these:

Old-gringocuz i loved the fleur de lis. and the distressed leather. and man! i love these boots...they are so comfortable.

then teenager pointed out that our local jean store carries cowboy boots so we stopped to look but they didn't have the ones i liked in my size.

so a week later, teenager and her friend are back at the mall and she texts me pics of really cool boots...and i tell her to hold the coolest pair in my size and i would take a look at them later.

those boots turned out to be these boots:

Black-old-corralare you kidding me? wings and crosses??? hello, gorgeous! and i needed a black pair to off set the brown pair.

but then...we went to the other mall and the store there had these: wings. hearts. peace sign. seriously? seriously. [how do you like the inadvertant bokeh going on with the white christmas tree???] so what's a girl to do but come home with all of them, right? right.

now i need more than one pair of straight legged jeans to go with all my boots!

and no, these weren't purchased all on the same was a multi-day shopping excursion...things like this must be savored!

i am grateful:

  • teenager made it through the first semester of college
  • for my very supportive friends
  • for my mom - she listens to my ramblings so patiently!
  • to see paw paw run across the yard to catch up with the doolittles
  • photo365 was updated to use more than one picture a day!!!

just breathing isn't living!


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