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that's what i have to say! today marks two full weeks back at the gym with trainer...i am thrilled! i am excited. i am proud of myself. i am sore...but just a tiny bit. no big deal. just a little deal. just in my legs. we did some dead lifts and squats today. that will certainly leave a little soreness... Read more →

remember when i talked about this a while back? well, i'm happy to say that i have been taking pictures and collecting ideas and product. ya know, all the usual but today! today i finally tackled this project and got started! whew! i am really excited about it, too. i feel a little i want to just hurry up... Read more →

except for the hum of the blower of the fireplace. and that's right where i am front of the fire place, with my laptop on my lap, watching pioneer woman's christmas special. i know...i'm a little behind the times here but it's the first chance i've had to catch up on my dvr stuff! teenager stopped by this afternoon... Read more →

Garland Greene: "Define irony. Bunch of idiots dancing on a plane to a song made famous by a band that died in a plane crash." that's from the movie con air. i enjoyed that movie. because it has nicolas cage and steve buscemi. love those guys. but i digress. the reason i post this is: it comes to mind every.single.time.... Read more →

teenager and i are still in oklahoma city. this is our last night. tomorrow, she shows her western pleasure class, we pick up francine and head home! to see kiroman. to see the doolittles. to sleep in our own beds. with no ghetto party going on across the hallway! yippee! and the cool part is that teenager still has some... Read more →

holy guacamole, people! i know it was new year's eve and all but the night we had last night at the hotel was off the charts ridiculous. seriously. teenager and i went with the rest of "camp" [slang term for the other people that ride in our barn] to earl's rib palace downtown. great atmosphere. awesome food. after dinner, we... Read more →