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where does the time go?

just to catch you up...

i know i know i know

i stated previously that i would be more consistent on the whole blogging thing and then promptly fell off the wagon.

shame on me, right?

so...the show in okc was awesome. the horse was great. teenager was great. and the company was awesome!

it's been a long time since i have been to a show that was that much fun.

and of course, we picked up francine on our way out of town tuesday.

we got home about 11:30pm and immediately set up her cage in teenager's room.

the doolittles were going wild and woke kiroman :(

i finally hit the sack somewhere around 1, i think!

last week was a blur.

it seems that i spent wednesday catching up on "stuff"...running errands and i'm not sure what else. but i know the day went by super fast!

thursday kiroman and i spent together...he had a hair appointment and when we got to the salon, there was a german shepherd trying to cross a very busy street. i sent kiroman to his hair cut and i went to catch a dog.

hmmm...not so easy...the closer i got to him, the quicker he ran away...toward the traffic!

i was able to get close enough to see that although he had a collar - a choke chain of all things! - he had no tags.

he wasn't mean. but he wasn't friendly either. i was never able to get close enough to him to catch him, though. he was well taken care of, so i am hoping he escaped his fence and found his way home!

but folks! please, do not leave your pet unattended with a choker on! that upset me more than him being loose!

after that, we headed to the office for kiroman to adjust a community member, then it was off to the dealership to pick up a check. then it was back to the city to hit the bookstore and the pet store and back to the office to hang some really cool things on the adjusting room walls :)

next it was lunch at a pizza joint. i suggested kiroman order a large so he could take it home and eat it for dinner too...i knew i was not going to feel like making dinner later :) he is so cool...he agreed! it was friday and teenager and i spent the afternoon purchasing dorm room supplies...who knew you needed so much to take with you!

there was a hockey game friday night and we all three went. that was nice...teenager doesn't often go with us!

i slept in saturday. late. i didn't sleep that great friday night. for some weird reason, i was up a lot.

i got a few things done before kiroman got home around noon.

then we loaded the truck and teenager's car and headed to the dorm to get her moved in.

kiroman put a shelf together while i got the printer all hooked  up and ready to go. then we hung a few pics on the wall and made a run to the walmarts to get supplies for the room.

we ran back home, fed critters and headed back to the city for another hockey game. it was a great game too! we won both games :)

and today...well, kiroman met another chiropractor in lincoln and they spent the day masterminding while i packed away christmas at home.

once that was done, i decided i needed some retail rejuvenation and headed to the city.

a stop at sephora, archivers, petco, office depot and super target completed my trip!

i now have most of my supplies for the one little word 2012 class. just waiting on the 4x6 flip pockets. but my plan is to get busy on that tomorrow! honestly, i was going to start on it tonight but once i sat down, i was down for the count tonight! i'm sure you know how that goes! i'm really excited to get started on the album though!

so teenager and friend came home for dinner tonight and scooted back to the dorm...kiroman and i watched a bit of television then he went to bed but i had to watch desperate of my guilty pleasures!

and now i'm blogging to keep you caught up!

and now a couple pics:

Photo-1while at the hockey game, we ran into one of kiroman's community members! he is a huge lancer fan...this is their "action" photo since the little guy had his lancer jersey on! i think they were re-inacting a hockey play!
Photo-1from left to right: kiroman, teenager, trophy wife. i just happened to look down and all of us had our feet up against the rail. i thought i was funny and took a picture...the rest of my family thought i was weird for doing so.

it's ok. i don't mind being weird.

i am grateful:

  • to be back home and into a regular routine again
  • the christmas decorations are all down
  • to have gotten a few errands out of the way today
  • to get back to the gym tomorrow morning!
  • for left overs tomorrow night!

just breathing isn't living!


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