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meet francine

but first...i know what happened to the photos from the post for paw...some how my settings in photoshop got changed and it was saving my pics at the lowest resolution instead of the highest...for web...guess i need to figure out that action that automatically does all that sizing ...i know i have it saved somewhere on my computer...just gotta find it, install and figure out how it works!!

so, back to our regularly scheduled programming!

please welcome francine to our household!

i think she's pretty cute...even if she is an albino...not my first color choice. but we found that beggar's can't be choosers in this hedgehog in the middle of winter situation! they are hard critters to find...this was the only to be found in a 5 state area!

it just so happens that teenager had a horse show in oklahoma city. it just so happened that she called every pet store in a 4 state area and everyone that carried them were out until after the first of the year.

while on our drive to okc, she began calling pet stores in the okc area and just happened upon this little cutie, who really wasn't for sale but they decided to let us adopt her.

teenager had the name francine picked out long before she even knew francine existed. she had already stated that whether the hedge hog was a boy or a girl, its name was going to be francine.

good thing we lucked out and francine is indeed a francine. a francine that is approximately 6 months old and may or may not be pg, in the family way, glowing, etc...we'll know in approximately 45-60 days.

and then we were told that baby hedge hogs are hard to raise and usually do not survive.

so we are crossing our fingers and toes that she is not having babies...i really don't want to deal with hard to raise babies! if you have any suggestions on raising hedge hog babies from infanthood to toddlerhood, i would appreciate them NOW rather than i can be prepared!

now, the thing i really don't get...teenager desparately wanted this francine character but now is moving into the dorm and leaving francine behind. for me to care for! does that work?

i am grateful:

  • for a very fun and enjoyable horse show
  • for a happy show pony and teenager
  • for fun people to hang out with
  • for kiroman understanding this is what teenager needs to do right now
  • for my fiji water!

oh, ps: i know i was a little mia here...and now i've been regular for 3 whole days. i'm not promising anything spectacular but i will tell you this: i was committed to taking a photo every day in december and log it into my iphone app and i was able to do just that! not every pic was taken on my iphone...i did email a few photos from the laptop to the phone so it could be recorded in the app...but the point is that i took at least one picture every single day. so that means for january, i can take a photo every single day and add a blog post in there too...i know! i was pretty good about it for awhile and then fell off the wagon and you know the old saying: once you get out of the habit, it's really easy to just keep not doing what you were doing but not doing anymore...get it? got it? good!!!

just breathing isn't living!


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