sleepless in oklahoma city
just to catch you up...

photos from home

teenager and i are still in oklahoma city.

this is our last night.

tomorrow, she shows her western pleasure class, we pick up francine and head home!

to see kiroman.

to see the doolittles.

to sleep in our own beds.

with no ghetto party going on across the hallway!


and the cool part is that teenager still has some christmas break left!

although she still needs to get moved into her dorm room.

although she still needs to acquire her second semester text books.

although she has a dental appointment wednesday afternoon.

not really much left of a break, right?

so my mom makes these wonderful tootalings while we are gone.

and offers them up to kiroman.

she takes pity that he is not able to eat my fine home cooking while i bask in the wonderfulness that is okc!

and i love these tootalings.

they are yummy food! and they are a pain in the butt to make.

i can make them.

i choose not to.

393559_10150661851914199_759724198_12128023_392906658_nwhy? you ask...because it is very time consuming.

first there is the sausage/hamburger mixture that must be browned with a egg thrown in along with some parmesan cheese and salt and pepper.

then there is the egg dough that must be made with eggs and flour. then rolled thin. and then cut into little squares.

then each square is filled with the meat mixture and pinched around your finger.

then the chicken broth must be brought to a boil and the tootalings dropped in.

it doesn't sound like much on paper, but let me tell you that it really is much!!

so kiroman had to rub it in and post a pic of his lunch from sunday.

nice of him, right?

while we are surviving on subway and horse show cafe food, he is eating the real deal!

then kiroman texts me this pic:

Photothat would be my own personal doolittle. he is crashed out on our bed! i'm sure he is depressed and missing his momma something fierce.

so, those are the pics from home!

i'm not sure what time teenager will be done showing and what time we will hit the road for the trip home.

so, i 'm not sure if i will stay up to get a post together for wednesday morning or not.

but i am going to put my best foot forward and do what i can!

i am grateful:

  • for my smart gloves...pretty warm and pretty cool
  • for my true friends
  • for my good health and wellbeing
  • for bed head hair spray
  • for the mi-fi that allowed me to work while playing this last week!

just breathing isn't living!


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