where does the time go?
i don't think i told you...

{sweet home alabama is playing in the back ground...}

Garland Greene: "Define irony. Bunch of idiots dancing on a plane to a song made famous by a band that died in a plane crash."

that's from the movie con air.

i enjoyed that movie.

because it has nicolas cage and steve buscemi. love those guys.

but i digress.

the reason i post this is:

it comes to mind every.single.time. i see a chiropractor or someone related to the chiropractic profession post/comment/praise ron paul for president.

you all know that i swing very much to the right.

i don't have a favorite candidate yet. mine dropped out a while back. i don't really care for what i see in the current line up.

however, i take issue with chiropractors that prance around...wanting to keep prescribing drugs out of chiropractic yet they want to elect a medical doctor into the commander and chief position.

and that, my dear friends, defines irony to me right now.

i just don't think it's a great thing to get behind this guy.

i know there are some blatherings about his stance on vaccinations and whatever...quite honestly, i don't know it very well...but one thing i do know...mandatory vaccinating is not going to be at the top of the list of things to take care of should he win the nomination and ensuing election.

and because of that reality, i need to think more along the lines of things that will be on that list and who the best candidate is to take care of those things.

i'm just being real here.

there are a lot things broken in this country. we need to look at the sum not just one part.

i want to make sure our country is safe. and having the best military in the world is going to ensure that.

cuz guess what? if we have a weak military, it ain't gonna matter that our president isn't for forced vaccinations...because we will be ruled by someone who's name we can't pronouce in a language most of us will not be able to understand.

plain and simple.

just sayin'

i am grateful:

  • for not being so sore after my workouts now
  • for getting some things checked off the things list today
  • for touching base with a few friends today
  • for a short grocery list today
  • for an awesome doorman

just breathing isn't living!


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