just to catch you up...
{sweet home alabama is playing in the back ground...}

where does the time go?

i know that sounds like such a cliche.

but it really isn't.

it seems like life has been moving at 100 mph since we got back from the horse show in oklahoma city.

i feel like a have a better handle on things starting this next week off!

first of all, christmas decorations are all taken down and stored away.

that is a great relief in and of itself, right?

kiroman keeps reminding me of the year christmas decor was still up around valentine's day! i know, right?

i started back at the gym with trainer last monday...

that has been a process all by itself.

there are reasons you should not ever stop working out.

because starting up again is just painful!

i had taken quite a bit of time off. like 2 or 3 months in all seriousness here.

i was hit or miss from mid october through the end of the year.

i knew i was going to be sore and i was ready for it.

and it really wasn't as bad as i had anticipated.

i made it to every appointment last week...and let me tell you, friday was a tough one.

i was willing to skip it and let her charge me anyway!

and here's why:

wednesday night, a fellow chiropractor headed to our house. he was headed to ithaca, ny with kiroman. they were going to be speaking to the epoc group there.

we stayed up and chatted...way too late. i think we headed to bed around midnight, knowing we had to be up at 4:30am. i say we, because i was driving kiroman to the airport. then i would be picking him up friday and taking him straight to the office while fellow chiropractor would be headed straight home.

the dropping off part went as planned. then i went home and went back to bed for a few hours...got up, picked up the chunks in the house so the maids could do their job. dropped the jeep off at the dealership to get the wiper situation taken care of. back home to shower and head out for a few errands.

that's when flight track alerted me that the flight from newark to ithaca had been canceled. upon doding a quick search within the app, i also learned there were no other flights to get them to ithaca!

long long long story short, kiroman and buddy ended up catching a flight right back home that night. total bummer for all of them.

sooooo...they got in about 10:30pm and buddy chiro drove them both home and he stayed one more night instead of driving home tired.

once again, we stayed up way too late. this time it was almost 3am before we called it a night.

i had to be up at 7:30am to get to the gym on time. as much as i wanted to stay in bed, i made myself get up and go.

i was tired. i was dragging. i wasn't very talkative. i was more whiney than normal. but i was there.


it was one of the few times i can say i was out of bed before kiroman!

yay for me, right? right!

it was about 4:15pm thursday afternoon when my stove decided it was going to light on its own. so i promptly called our home warranty people. and i knew that it was late in the afternoon with very little possibility of getting anyone out the same day but i had hopes!

so the appointment was made for friday afternoon. but the darn thing would not quit lighting...so i flipped the breaker to the stove, which in turn cut the power to half my kitchen. but the fridge still had power and that was pretty important.

when the service man arrived on friday, he showed me where the gas shut off valve was located and that my stove actually plugs into an outlet underneath...so there was no need to cut all the power after all! but that's ok...better safe than sorry, right? right!

found out that one of the burner control swtiches had shorted out...so i paid my deductible and they will replace all four switches when they come in - about 10 days. woohoo!

and then i asked him about taking apart the oven door so i could clean between the glass...from where the christmas ham juices had spilled from the top oven into the lower one. not only did he show me how to take the doors apart, he did it for me and helped me clean the glass! this guy was awesome! and so friendly and helpful. definitely a bonus round for me!

there were no home lancer hockey games this weekend...boo! so friday night, kiroman and i hung out and both fell asleep super early!

saturday meant a run to the feed store for grain then back home to meet mom. she came out and helped me prepare the chicken kiev for our sunday family dinner...super tradition we started in october! one sunday a month, we all gather at our house for dinner! i love it!

we made 22 chicken kiev and about 15 checken tenders for the kids. we got it done in record time. so much fun working in the kitchen with my mom! i wish i had done it more while i was actually living at home with her ;)

shortly after we finished, kiroman was skyped in to the epic accelerator training. kiroman and i are so flipping excited about kiroman being a part of this vision! dr david jackson, dr matt hubbard, dr jeff stamp and kiroman! woohoo! all together...on the same page, striving to improve the state of the chiropractic profession! i just can't help how excited and thrilled i am.

kiroman was not there live as he had committed to the ithaca epoc event before joining the staff at epic practice or else he would have been there in person!

after the call, we headed to the lake to check things out andmake sure all was ok. and it was. and i am so ready to get everything unpacked and put away and ready for a great summer on the water this year!

as is our habit, we drove the long way around when we left. to see what was for sale, what has sold and what is going on!

as we drove past the missouri river and saw all the ice floating along...i was reminded of this little story:

i'm not sure but i think it was christmas my sophomore year...i got a 35mm camera for christmas. i loved that camera and thought it was the most awesome thing ever! i also have the best mom in the world and here is why:

it did not matter that i took 20 shots of the same thing...she never refused to develop my film. never.

so, we headed to nebraska city one wintry day...to visit my grandma most likely. and here's the thing, when you went to ne city with my dad, it always involved a trip to the river. no matter the weather.

well, on this particular day, there were ice chunks floating down the missouri.

and i was fascinated by it.

and i took at least one full roll of 36 of those fascinating ice chunks.

i wish i knew where all those photos are...there are in a box somewhere i'm just not sure where.

but i assure you, they all pretty much looked just like this one i snapped on my iphone this past satuday.



as we turned our back on the river to leave our lake community, i asked kiroman to back up and drive me down into the dump so i could jump out and take a few photos of the fascinating ice chunks.


obviously, i had related my childhood story to him...i'm sure he's heard it before but he listened to me reminisce down memory lane like it was the very first time he had heard it...isn't he awesome?

then it was back home to watch whatever football games were on for the play-offs.

sunday morning was filled with baking my checkerboard cake:



please do not ask how i made it...it is an ancient chinese secret!


peeling potatoes and getting the chicken in the oven.

everyone was due about 1 for dinner. we were missing a few today and it ended up being a short afternoon as everyone had things they needed to get to.

but it was still nice to get together and break bread with family!

teenager headed back to the dorm and kiroman and i ended the evening with a little ax men action. he went to bed and i watched desperate housewives and now i'm blogging and getting ready to hit the sack myself.

so now you've been caught up on the last week or so of trophy wife life.

i am grateful:

  • for another successful sunday family dinner
  • for the mild weather...which translates to no snow
  • for wireless printing ;)
  • for being able to watch my niece and nephews pet the ponies
  • francine was so calm with all the new people that wanted to meet her today

just breathing isn't living!



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