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hey there, dear readers! i'm writing this as we fly from dfw to sna‚Ķthat would be dallas to santa ana. kiroman headed out early this morning and teenager and i are following behind. she was supposed to have classes today so we couldn't leave at the same time. however, she is sick again! i know, bummer, right? poor kid has... Read more →

i know...i should get my butt in gear and get some pics posted here, right? but not tonight.! i whipped the house into shape before i left for the gym...even started some laundry ;) hit the gym, took a chai latte to the kiroman, tanned, washed the jeep [well, the machines washed the jeep and the guys dried... Read more →

what the heck is fat tuesday? i admit that i know absolutely zilch about mardi gras...except... you show your boobies and you get beads. that's all i know. i'm not a party pooper, ya'll...i just have no clue and therefore do not participate in whatever fat tuesday entails. that does not mean, however, that you can not dive into the... Read more →

that's what it's been around here! i know i have promised you a post to catch up and i am working on it but i wanted to pop in real quick to let you all know that i am alive and kickin! and things are just swell around here. one thing i wanted to mention though...over there to the Read more →