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what did you do today?

francine update:

francine had a doctor's appointment this morning.

it was scheduled previous to the eye surgery.

it was her last shot of ivermectrin for the mite situation.

the scratching is over.

the redness is gone.

the swelling is gone.

i think it's safe to say that the mites are gone, too!


it was also an appointment to check on the healing from the eye surgery.

for the first time ever i saw her scratch at the stitch that is there. i think it might have been more out of agitation, though.

she was agitated today and i'm not sure why.

she tried to bite me several times.

she charged my hand.

she huffed at me.

she tried to hide in the corner of her carrier.

she was ticked.

she wouldn't stay in my hands. she was constantly trying to crawl out of my minds and away from me.

i told the doctor that perhaps i might want to trade her in!

he asked why.

and i said...look at how she's acting! her whole personality has changed since the surgery. is there any hope of it changing back?

and this was his answer:

quite honestly...95% of the hedgehogs i see act just like she is now but all the time! when you brought her in the first time, i was all prepared to show you how to use the clamp and what kind of gloves to have and then you just picked her up and held her and i was like...okaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy. so it's very possible that once she adapts to single eye vision, her personality may revert to what it was.


i miss the old francine. the one that would curl up in my hand and peek her face out. then slowly unroll herself and be content to sit in my hand.

soooooo...i will continue to get her out several times a day.

i will continue to talk softly and reassuringly to her.

i will continue to not startle her.

i will continue to spoil her.

and maybe...

just maybe, the old francine will come back!

this is francine at the doctor today...if you look closely, you can see that her left "eye" looks a little different than her right.

and another weird thing she is doing post surgery...sleeping with her eye open! totally creeps me out when i go in to check on her and she is laying flat out on her side with her good eye up and wide open...actually, it scares me to death.

i don't like it when she sleeps with one eye open...gripping her pillow tight...exit light...enter night...

but this i will say: if you have need of an awesome hedge hog doctor...you have to see dr.bosilevac at best care pet hospital. the whole staff totally rocks!

i am grateful:

  • to know that francine is acting normal [although i prefer the abnormal francine]
  • the pond has been opened!
  • the pool opening has been scheduled!
  • i had an awesome work out today [especially when i had a headache and really didn't want to be there]
  • to have laundry machines in my house

just breathing isn't living!


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