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francine update:

i know many of you have seen the twitter/facebook francine updates so i thought i would give you the whole story right here.

i know you wanna know, right?

and i wanna share.

and i wanna document.

friday night, i checked on francine. i give her a bit of wet cat food before i go to bed.

she loves it.

it's a little treat.

and she's nocturnal...which is why i give it to her before i go to bed!

i always check on her when i do this. i know she gets a little huffy about it because i wake her up. but then she realizes there is a yum-o treat waiting for her!

and then saturday morning, i did not check on her as i had to be out the door early to help at kiroworld...aka the office but i like the sound of kiroworld so much better!

after we were done serving our community, kiroman and i stopped for lunch.

once home, kiroman took a little snooze to catch up after his sojourn to epoc indiana and then i hauled him to a hockey game after work on friday...

so while kiroman was on his call for epic practice, i went to check on francine. she was sleeping in her hidey hut, which is totally normal.

so i moved the hidey hut and woke soon as she unrolled, i knew there was something seriously wrong with her left eye.

so i picked her up and looked.

sure enough, in between all of her squirming, i saw a quill stuck right into her eye ball.

seriously, people!

and her eye was oozey and swollen.

very very very swollen.

so i went upstairs to get a pair of needle nose pliers and paper towels.

i had already left the water running in teenager's bathroom so that it was warm by the time i got back down there.

i got her back out of her cage, caught a few quills on the top of her head with the pliers and wiped her eye with the paper towel. i was able to remove the quill and clean up the eye.

i put her back in the cage and went back upstairs and pondered.

and began phone calls, knowing that her regular vet quits at noon on saturday but i tried anyway.

no answer.

so i called their sister office. the lady that answered the phone had no doctors at the office but she gave a couple other places to try.

and i did.

and they gave me a couple other places to try.

and i did.

and i finally found someone that had a bit of hedge hog knowledge and was willing to see her.

so i called teenager and let her know what was going on and where i was headed.

by this time, kiroman was done with his call.

we jumped in the car and he drove this nervous hedge hog mama to the vet, where teenager met us.

after a two hour visit, we were basically told that there was probably an abscess in relation to her eye, went home with some topical ointment and then an oral anti-biotic for the infection.

i was able to get her all doctored up over the weekend but knew that i wanted her regular doctor to see her on monday.

so first thing this morning, i called and took the first available appointment.

the doctor took one look at her and decided he needed to keep her, sedate her and check out what was really going on with that eye...she had not been able to close it and that was going to cause major issues down the road.

so i left her.

wondering exactly what was going to happen.

scared of what might happen.

worried beyond belief for that little hedge hog that has stolen my heart.

i called to check on her around 11:30 and they were in surgery but no one could tell me if he would be taking her eye...

it had been made perfectly clear to us that the possibility of her losing her eye was nearly 100%...from both doctors.

so i waited some more.

nervous about this little half pound critter going under anesthesia.

that is a tricky situation in my book!

i called back around 1...and francine was out of surgery by about 15 minutes! she up and awake and walking around.

yay for francine!

and yes, her eye had been removed.

but hey, she's domesticated. she will survive with one eye, right? right!

so i could pick her up aft 3.

so i did.

and talked to the doctor.

and the quill had gone straight through her eye!

does that tell you anything about a hedgehogs quill? that it could penetrate the eye ball?

it went in through the lens.

and the gunky thing on top of her that we were seeing? that was the lens.



what a day.

when i heard they were going to do surgery, i was so scared that kiroman would be burying a hedgehog today.

i was so grateful when i heard she made it through with flying colors.

so i brought francine home and she was so so so happy to see her own home this afternoon.

she ran 4 or 5 laps around and then climbed on her wheel and ran like a bat out of hell!


and tonight...

tonight she is just snoozing away, as comfortable as can be.

they did give her a pretty hefty pain med dosage before i brought her home and said she would be very very tired.

i know...we live in kiroworld.

we don't do drugs.

well, let me also tell you this:

there is a time and a place.

when it comes to losing francine or having invasive surgery and losing an eye?

i vote for losing the eye.

when it comes to giving her anti-bitotics post surgery to prevent infection?

i vote for anti-biotics.

let's remember: she lives in a cage where she poos.

she runs on a wheel in which she poos on.

i can't be here 24/7 to take care of that.

so with all that being said...

francine is doing great! the vet said seh now has a story to tell...telling it, we are!

i asked the doctor what he was going to do once we were done with all these trips to his office and wasn't he going to miss her?

and he said of course he was going to miss...he really likes her so we should come in to visit every 6 months!


Francine post surgery


this is francine post surgery today...look at her little legs go...they are just a blur!

i am grateful:

  • francine made it through surgery
  • francine is going to be ok
  • francine's regular doctor could see her today
  • i had the flexibility to do what needed to be done for francine today
  • for cool touch kleenex

just breathing isn't living!



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