spring break
just a line or two...

i love the gypsy mama!

i am a consistent reader of her blog.

i like what she has to say and sometimes, it really resonates with me and starts the wheels of my muse turning.

check out this post: nothing is ever as easy as it seems, especially not that.

but come right back here when you are done, ok? cuz i have my own dissertation to give on it.

thanks for coming back!

i'm going to start off with this photo:

No shortcuts(i have no credit for this picture, it was a quote i found on facebook, in no way do i represent it as my work!)

there are no shortcuts, people! i really and truly believe that and so does everyone else in my kirofamily.

we don't do shortcuts, we don't tolerate shortcuts. shortcuts don't last. shortcuts lead to epic fail.

so when i read the post by the gypsy mama...i was like, oh.my.word!

one thing that still gets me down is this: when i feel i have been put at the wrong end of a burned bridge because someone else has thought that of me.

believe me, there are very few people out there that truly knows what kind of hard work and dedication it takes to live the life that kirofamily does.

i'm not bragging, i'm just telling you, keeping it real...because that's what i do here on the ol' trophy wife blog...i keep it real.

i'm not looking at things through rose colored glasses, nor do i expect you, too, either!

the reason so many think we have it so easy is because we make it look so easy!

we keep complaints to the minimum...do you really want to hear them? i didn't think so!

kiroman does what he does and i do what i do and our team pulls their weight also!

we don't do this alone!

we don't do this without a lot of hard work and commitment.

and by this, i mean the whole of kiroworld.

kiroworld by definition is going to encompass the practice, our staff, our practice members, epoc, our family, the traveling, mentoring and educating kiroman is involved in, the doolittles, the lions, the cyclops hedge hog, the ponies, the horse showing and the occasional vacation. and throw in there the time we spend growing and expanding our minds.

that is kiroworld by definition.

so when i come up against a jealous person, that spews untruths about us, it throws me for a loop.

but when i read the gypsy mama post, it gave some insight as from whence this jealous person comes from...ya know?

they are looking at the world through rose colored glasses, for sure.

i totally agree with her statement:

Through is hard and lonely. But keep going anyway.

Let’s not compare. Especially not our beginnings to someone else’s middle. No, let’s not compare.

Let’s cheer instead.

the funny thing is, when i re-read that above...some of the jealous people truly are comparing their beginning to our middle...i just wish they understood that it has taken us 26 years - and counting - to create kiroworld. not the 4, 5 or 6 years of their beginning. and what the jealous do not understand: kiroworld is cheering for them! we honestly are...we want every one to enjoy the successes we have enjoyed. we try to help others to avoid the mistakes we have made.

it takes time and patience.

thank you, gypsy mama! keep up the great and inspiring work and i look forward to 5 minute friday tomorrow!

i am grateful:

  • for an awesome vet that continues to answer my questions about francine
  • for the awesome customer service i experienced earlier this week
  • the funny quote blocks i come across on facebook
  • kiroman carried two bales of hay into the barn for me this morning
  • the sun is peeping today!

just breathing isn't living!


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