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this morning i slept in til about up just in time to call teenager at 7:30. crawled out of bed to let doolittles out and feed them breakfast. kissed kiroman good morning. grabbed a glass of apple juice and checked out what happened on facebook while i was sleeping. downloaded email. let doolittles out again. helped kiroman take the... Read more →

i'll be back tomorrow yesterday, today...not in the cards to get a post done. but tomorrow? tomorrow it will happen! i promise. i am grateful: for being able to spend the afternoon with teenager for a wonderful lady at the mac counter at dillards...she is awesome! the tractor is back and i can mow! for a car wash! for surviving... Read more →

so, you've read the story about francine, the cyclops hedge hog. but that wasn't the only story going on this spring break. [of which, we did not venture anywhere and teenager is quite frustrated by that fact. but i have told her, had we left for spring break, francine, the cyclops hedge hog would most likely be known as francine,... Read more →

i know many of you have seen the twitter/facebook francine updates so i thought i would give you the whole story right here. i know you wanna know, right? and i wanna share. and i wanna document. friday night, i checked on francine. i give her a bit of wet cat food before i go to bed. she loves it.... Read more →