five minute friday: brave

on the road again...

kiroman is leaving again.

sometimes i wonder if he is ever home!

just kidding...well sorta kinda maybe not really.

kiroman has such passion for his kiro-profession.

not only is he so giving in his office...he puts in more hours in a single week than some chiropractors do in a month...true story.

just ask anyone that has been there at 5am.

or anyone that has been there at 6pm.

or anyone that has been there any time in between.

and they will tell you!

except thursday and sunday.

but often times you will find him at the office on those "off" days, too.

he's a giver in the true sense of the word.

soooooooo...tomorrow morning [which is actually today] he is headed off to indy.

he is speaking to another epoc group...a group of like minded, philosophy minded chiropractors.

he will head out early, speak in the evening, fly back  early friday and go straight from the airport to the office...

to serve his peeps!

L speaking

i love this guy!

i am grateful:

  • that better late than never - i'm ok with
  • kiroman had safe travels this morning...even with a dent in the plane!
  • to get to sleep in a bit this morning
  • for funny doolittles that like to share my morning shower!
  • to hang out with teenager today!


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