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no pics no words just blank check in tomorrow but gratitudes? i have those! i am grateful: someone else cleaned francine's shelter for no doolittle accidents - yesterday sister barfed all over to open up the sun roof for my fitbit - post coming on this marvy lil thing our automatic ice maker just breathing isn't living! sincerely, Read more →

i'm sure you are wondering exactly what does that mean... here is my attempt at explaining: it's saturday afternoon, kiroman is out of town, brainstorming with some awesome guys these weekend, so i am watching last week's episode of desperate housewives... karen's cancer is back. she kicked roy out. gabby took roy in. carlos came home from rehab. gabby tells... Read more →

where has it gone? just asking. cuz it's driving me crazy lately! seriously crazy. and here's why: a few weeks ago, the kiro family traveled to costa mesa to attend cal jam 5. this is a massive group of like minded chiropractors, ca's [chiropractic assistants], spouses and a few kids. a massive group of like minded, health oriented grown ups... Read more →

when i saw this on facebook the other day: and here is the reason i said whoa: because of how the kiro-family rolls. we always make it a point to find out the waiter's/waitress's name. and we always use it. and we always say thank you when the staff has done something at our table...whether it's bringing the food, re-filling... Read more →

oh yes he did! i was stunned. i was hurt. i was pissed. but was i surprised? nah...not too much. because i understand the apathy that is infecting the chiropractic profession. we went to dinner with some other horse show peeps last night. people i am friendly with but not necessarily friends, ya know? and the conversation was steered toward... Read more →