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spring break

so, you've read the story about francine, the cyclops hedge hog.

but that wasn't the only story going on this spring break.

[of which, we did not venture anywhere and teenager is quite frustrated by that fact. but i have told her, had we left for spring break, francine, the cyclops hedge hog would most likely be known as francine, the hedge hog that once lived with us...so there is a reason for everything that happens...there is no chance and there is no chaos - in my never to be humble opinion]

anywho...on with the show!

so teenager decided she should come home monday.

she was worried about francine and wanted to be here with her.

kiroman headed to bed early as he had a 5:30am call so i called it an early night, too.

i was not at the top of my game yet and i'm still working my way back to it.

so it was before 11pm and kiroman and i were all tucked into bed.

at 12:30am i heard the door open and shut to teenager's room.

i heard her walk across the basement.

i heard her climb the steps.

then i heard her walk toward our room...like a heat seeking missile.

and then our door slammed open.

yes! it's true! doors slam shut and they slam open.

and she said she needed to go back to the dorm.


because bff needed her.

what was so important that bff couldn't text her? or call? but needed teenager to go back to the dorm?

i still have no idea but decided not to argue the point, because i really wanted to get back to sleep...so did kiroman.

so she went back across the house, down the steps, across the basement and into her room.

where, within a few moments she repeated the whole process but in reverse.

and then called me 1:30am to let me know she made it back to the dorm but she forgot to call because she started talking right away to bff.

so kiroman asked what was up with bff...and in my never to be humble opinion i stated that there probably wasn't anything that important going on but that teenager was bored and this was a good excuse to leave the house.


so then i see a status update from teenager that went something like this: it was too noisy at the dorm to sleep so she was going to drive the 30 minutes home, to the country, to sleep in peace and quiet.

and ya know what?

she did!


when i got back home from being at kiroworld, her car was in the drive way and she was in her bed and she was sleeping!

and that is how exciting our spring break 2012 has been!

tell me about yours?

i am grateful:

  • we live close enough but far enough away from teenager's college
  • the lawn has turned so awesome green
  • the kill deer couple is back
  • for awesome practice members
  • the view from our front door

just breathing isn't living!


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