francine update:
dogs i have lived with

what did you do today?

this morning i slept in til about up just in time to call teenager at 7:30.

crawled out of bed to let doolittles out and feed them breakfast.

kissed kiroman good morning.

grabbed a glass of apple juice and checked out what happened on facebook while i was sleeping.

downloaded email.

let doolittles out again.

helped kiroman take the loader off the tracker, fed ponies and put tractor away.

cleaned up kitchen from dinner last night, ran the dishwasher.

chatted with teenager off and on figuring out plans for later today.

kiroman left to work out and then play golf and i headed to the shower.

met teenager for a quick bite, made a few phone calls, talked to kiroman a few times.

headed to american nail and spa for pedicures and "fills".


stopped by sallys to pick up a hair mannequin [ for teenager ] and extensions [ for me ] *gasp*.

then we stopped to tan *gasp* again!

then teenager headed back to the dorm and i stopped by the grocery store where this happened [ in case you missed the facebook status update ].

i picked up the mail on the way into the neighborhood. once home, i unloaded the groceries and put away the cold items, grabbed the tractor key and went out to mow as much as i could before the rain started.

which turned out to be about 1/3. it started off as sprinkles. then it came down harder. but the neighbor guy kept mowing, so i did, too. if he wasn't going to stop, neither was i!

so i continued mowing while the rain came down heavy, lightened up, quit and started again. i admit that it is not my most impressive mowing job but it's done...except for the part that needs the push mower...that will have to wait until maybe friday or sunday.

i used the tractor to take the garbage can down the driveway, put the tractor away, feed ponies and doolittles that sleep in the barn.

then back into the house to finish putting groceries away, change laundry around, fold a load of laundry while watching the rest of last week's episode of gcb [ i am really groovin' on this show! ].

while watching, i heard this song:

which i have officially adopted as the trophy wife theme song!

let doolittles out again, fed and watered them again.

talked to kiroman on his way home from golfing and then started supper.

i finished supper, talked with kiroman, ate dinner, talked with my friend, watched a little tv, caught up more on facebook. hung with the kiroman.

cleaned up the kitchen from dinner, picked up the house to be ready for the maids tomorrow morning.

and now, i'm blogging about my day.

what did you do today?

i am grateful:

  • kiroman is able to enjoy his hobby once again!
  • for spending some fun time with teenager
  • to have most of the mowing done
  • for talking with my friend today
  • for my doolittles

just breathing isn't living!


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