francine update:
spring break

white party...

so, gentle readers, most of you know that i love the real housewives shows...especially beverly hills and orange county.

especially beverly hills.

and both seasons of rhobh have highlighted some of kyle's white party.

the first time i saw it, i thought, cool idea.

the second time i saw it, i thought, cool idea...maybe kiroworld should have its own white party.

then i thought, no...not white.

pick another color.

black? took me all of 3 seconds to say no to that one!

lavender, pink, orange, red?

no, no, no and no!

so i'm back to white.

i think it would be a blast!

i mentioned it to kiroman the other night and he seemed on board with the idea.

obviously our white party would not be anything like kyle's white party!

White party

but everyone and everything in white? i can do that! i might even know a band that would be interested in playing, too!

it's just something i am pondering right now...i'll keep you posted!

if you received an invite, would you come???

i am grateful:

  • for a ball cap when it rains
  • for the awesome customer service i received today...twice...with two different companies
  • francine is recuperating nicely
  • to cross some things off my things list today!
  • i can get back to the gym tomorrow!

just breathing isn't living!


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