just kickin' it...

[ he's ] leaving on a jet plane...

but i do know when he'll be back again!

kiroman headed off to san diego this morning.

[ in the words of ron burgandy: san diego. discovered by the germans in 1904, they named it san diago, which of course means whale's vagina. ]

but of course i totally digress :)

we had an awesome epoc gathering at the source last night.

the one and only and most awesome alain desaulnier, dc. [ say that three times fast ] was our speaker...all the way from vancouver, british columbia [ that's in canada, not south america ]

teenager went to dinner with all of us and then stayed for the fabulous presentation.

the kirofamily certainly resonated with what alain communicated last night. on more than one level, for sure.

just a quick little fact: his family has 42 chiropractors within just two generations! how awesome is that? what a legacy this family is creating in chiropractic!

Alain and blaike
here is teenager with alain...doesn't he look like ben affleck? seriously!!!

a highlight of the night was watching this gathering of like minded chiropractors stay and talk with one another after the presentation. that lifts my heart and gives me hope that chiropractors are willing to support one another. this is a fabulous group we have and i am proud to know that kiroman is the facilitator for epoc {eastern} nebraska. there is a lot of behind the scenes work that takes place to pull of this monthly meetings successfully. kiroman's desire for chiropractors world wide to succeed is his drive in continuing these meetings.

here is a collage of photos from last night...you may have to click on the photo to see the entire collage:

Alain EPOC2

which leads me to this: there is a pivotal shift occurring in san diego as you read this post! seriously! epic practice is gathering this weekend. dr david jackson is one awesome human being. and his wife is seriously the bomb [ i hope one day to actually meet her in person and be more than facebook friends and texting buddies ]. and his daughters are fabulous [ i haven't meet them either ] and it matters not that i have not met these beautiful ladies in person. i have met the main man in their lives. i have heard stories from him that tell me how fabulous their family is. how close they are. how they love and support each other. and his practice management/chiropractic consulting/however you want to name it is an opportunity you should not over look if you are a chiropractor. it is a fabulous group of like minded chiros...all working toward improving themselves in order to help their communities in order to create a much more awesome world for all of us to enjoy! check out the website...but be sure to come back here and read the rest of this post when you are done!

so anyways...kiroman worked a few hours this morning and then teenager, bff and i dropped him off at the airport...he is in "enroute" right now according to my flight tracker. he will be speaking tonight, he will also be spending his evening talking with other chiros. then tomorrow he was a pretty big presentation and spending more of his time sharing his knowledge on one on one basis. i know he is really looking forward to reconnecting with this fabulous group of people!

but i'm gonna miss him while he is gone :(

as for a little day in the life:

we had a chiro-sleep over that ended at 4am this morning...kiroman was up at usual...slumber party guest #1 was getting up to go to the office with kiroman and slumber party guest #2 was getting up to head to the airport to join the epic gathering in san diago :)

so i was up at 4am to drive two of them to the office...that way kiroman wouldn't have to worry about parking his car and leaving it at the airport...plus, i like to take him and pick him up :)

so then i headed home and tried to go back to sleep but that was not really happening. so i did random things around the house and ended up with my book.

then it was time to head to the office to pick up kiroman. i was surprised by a phone call from teenager that she and bff were going to go with us.

so after dropping kiroman off at the airport, i took the girls back to the office, where they had left their car and headed home.

to grab a bite to eat before going back to the office to pick up alain and take him to the airport.

then it was back home.

and i've been veggin' out ever since.

just me, the doolittles, one cat [ because one is at the vet ] a hedge hog and some dvr'd rhoc.

on a side note: i would like to thank all of you that commented and personally emailed me regarding my post from yesterday: flabbergasted. although there are people that think otherwise, my concern is only for the safety of the little girl. i'm not out to make anyone look bad, i'm not out to call anyone a poor parent, i'm not out to make me and my life look perfect while making someone else look bad. sometimes we do things that we just don't put a lot of thought into. and sometimes they are mistakes. there are a lot of sicko weirdos in the world and the last thing i would want is for one of those weirdos to have a picture of my daughter while "pleasuring" [ if you can even call it that but in order to not be totally gross and graphic... ] themselves. one of the "like" groups i have on facebook just went through something pretty heinous...there is a man on facebook that crawls facebook looking for pictures of little kids...he then takes those pictures and posts them on his own facebook "like" page and makes the most digusting comments about what he would do to those kids...and yes, there were many people trying to get him kicked off facebook and they did accomplish that...but it took several days...several days that this man was able to gather more and more photos of children! check it out for yourself...anyone can download any picture you put on facebook. and they have it forever.

and now...i'm gonna spend some time with project life. we are ending week 17 and i have through week 3 printed and in the album...i'm just a tad behind but should have a few more weeks in that album by the time i pick up kiroman sunday afternoon!

i am grateful:

  • for the awesome EPOC members we have
  • for the hard work and dedication kiroman puts into the chiropractic profession
  • for the pause button
  • for my canon 40d
  • for digital photography :)

just breathing isn't living!


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