five minute friday: together
[ he's ] leaving on a jet plane...


that's pretty much all i can say.

the other night i saw something on facebook that actually turned my stomach inside out.

i was shocked. i was perplexed. i was sad. i was angry. i was disgusted.

i was flabbergasted.

i was doing a little facebook crawling and came across a profile picture.

we've all seen the duck lips pics.

we've all seen the naked from hips [ very low on the hips] up of guys in the bathroom mirror.

we've all seen revealing and provocative profile pics.

but this one hit rock bottom on my list.

a father is using a picture of his very young daughter on the toilet...reading a book...with no panties on...with her legs wide open...almost but not quite revealing her private parts, if you get my meaning.

honestly, it truly is a cute picture.

in a personal, family scrapbook.

in my never to be humble opinion, this picture should not be posted on the internet. it should not be posted on facebook. anyone and i mean anyone can drag this photo from his page to their desktop.

and from there, who the hell knows where it will end up.

there are so many sickos, weirdos and perverts in this world.

i'm just saying that this is not a chance i would take with my daughter.

i would not take the chance that some child sex offender would be using my little girl's picture to get his rocks off.

you and i know there are people like that in the world.

it's just one of those unpleasant truths.

one that we would rather ignore and pretend isn't there...hoping it just goes away.

but that ain't gonna happen.

i'm sure this dad never thought of this picture of his little girl in this way. otherwise, he would not have posted it.

at least, that is what i am hoping.

and perchance, should he come across my blog, he might re-think his choice in profile pictures.

i'm sure some of you are wondering why i don't tell him this myself so i will tell you this...

this father and i? we do not have what you would call a working relationship. we do not have a friendly relationship. so should i approach him with how i feel his profile picture of his very young daughter on the toilet with no panties and her privates exposed...he would be angry and defensive and lash out and twist it all around to me being wrong.

and i's not about me. it should be about that exposed little girl. and maybe, after writing this post and thinking about it, i may just contact him anyway...knowing that little girl's privacy is more important than her dad being a dick to me.

i am grateful:

  • all our mares are in foal for next year!
  • for the awesome weather we have experienced recently
  • for the awesome dark mulch that was installed last week
  • for a clean barn
  • for getting caught up on project life! { maybe some posts coming soon on that! }

just breathing isn't living!


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