five minute friday: good-bye
five minute friday: together

weekend wrap up: texas style!

so...this whole travel thing started thursday morning.

kiroman headed out early.

to sacramento.

to speak to first year chiropractic students, first year clinic chiropractors, the philosophy club and then CORE. he had a bang up day for sure! all the feed back i have heard is that he definitely lit it up on the west coast!

then teenager and i headed out later in the afternoon for texas. she was headed to ride and get pictures taken.

we made it no problems. kiroman made it no problems.

we grabbed our rental and headed for the ranch.

however...isn't there always a however?

our gps did not understand the construction going on at dfw. and it was dark. and exits not marked very well.

so we headed out of the airport, took a wrong turn. ended up back at the airport and ended up driving through a parking garage in some random terminal before we finally got out! [20 minutes later]

the weather held out for us and pictures were awesome on friday!

kiroman, however...there's that word again! was delayed coming out of denver and was almost 2 hours late getting back to kiroworld. but he did make it!

mallory at impulse photography was fabulous. i can't say enough good things about her. she has a creative eye, gets so jazzed when she likes what she is seeing through her lens, gives awesome feed back during the shoot and has amazing posing ideas! she shot teen ager and cookie for about 2 hours...did another horse and then another hour or so with teen ager and all, i believe she said she snapped 3,000 times...of teen ager and cookie.

she quickly edited a few of the shots and posted them to facebook right away:





how do you love those photos? i'm not kidding, i'm in love with i have seen so far! i can not wait to see all of them. i have a feeling that we will be filling the house up with these in the very near future!

after pics on friday, we all headed out to texas roadhouse to fill up on the rolls and cinnamon butter! then it was back to the hotel.

saturday we had breakfast at ihop and slowly made our way back to the ranch.

they were finishing up some other pics when we got the word that april was in we ran over to have teenager re-measured for her world show outfit.

then back to the ranch to ride!

that's when i snapped this picture of oscar:

he went to put away mike's scarf and i asked him to put it on and pose...he sure did! he is such a cool guy and so helpful to us when are at the ranch!

so helpful that he named our baby...please allow me to introduce you to little oscar...or lo, as teenager is going to call him!

Little oscar
oscar was lucky enough to get to help bring lo into the world, so he took the liberty of naming him! isn't he cute??? yep, he sure is!

so then it was time for teenager to climb aboard her trusty steed:

Blaike riding
and when she was all done, it was my turn at the little photo shoot thing...

Shawn photoshoot 1
and that, folks, rounded out the weekend at the ranch. after we were done, teen ager and i headed to dallas for the night.

upon check in, we were given a paper telling us the evac process in case of inclement weather...which they were expecting from midnight until 1pm the next afternoon.

we got all comfy in our room and checked in with kiroman at home. that's when he broke the news to me that snorkel had passed away sometime between when he went to bed friday night and got up at oh dark thirty saturday morning. :( so i broke the news to teen ager. poor kid. she loved that fishy and he truly loved her. they kissed through the is a picture to prove it!

Blaike and snorkel
and this wasn't just a once in awhile thing...they did this until he started to fail...the last 10 days or so...he wasn't eating as usual and he was getting gray. so because of teen ager's school schedule this week, snorkel is on ice and will be buried thursday when kiroman gets home from his vancouver trip.

so then it was time for bed and i was sound asleep...and teen ager was still up...watching netflix and chatting with friends over text and facebook. and then she woke me up...because there was a tornado in lincoln. and the storm was headed toward our house. i knew kiroman would be fast asleep and not know what was coming so just a little after midnight, i called, woke him and told him what was going on and to be prepared on the look out.

teen ager kept me updated for quite awhile while kinda nodded off...

we headed to the airport about 6:30am and got all checked in, grabbed a bite to snack on and headed to our gate. where we sat until about boarding time [8:15am]. then it was announced our flight had been cancelled. so i jumped in line and called kiroman. he began checking alternate flights, i was checking alternate flights and listening to what every one around me was saying.

when i reached the counter, i was told that we were stand-by for the 1:45pm and confirmed on the 4pm.




wrong...oh so wrong!

so as we headed back to the c terminal, we found the samsung mob!le lounge where we could plug in all our electronics while enjoying big, comfy chairs!

Samsung mobile lounge
as you can see...we were totally camped out! we each had our extension cords and had laptops, phones, ipads all plugged in and charging! the only thing that could have been better was if the chairs were recliners! thank goodness for this little oasis in the airport though! we spent a big chunk of our time there sunday!

because...the 1:45 kept getting pushed back. and after all that waiting, the boarding began somewhere around 3:15...there were only 5 stand by seats available and we were 11 & 12 on the list.

so that meant it was time to hoof it to the a terminal for the 4pm flight that had been pushed back to 5pm and then later and later until we finally took off about 6:15pm.

yes, folks! we spent about 12 hours in dfw...first it was because of the weather in dallas and the flight pattern to omaha...then it was because of the wind issue in omaha.

and yes, i did think about driving. but once i saw the weather pattern, and knew that i would be driving in this storm the entire was a big negative.

so we finally arrived home and kiroman was at the airport to meet us. we loaded up our suitcases and headed to the dorm to take care of snorkel's bowl there. [ because you see, snorkel had a bowl at home and one at the dorm and teen ager would transport him between the got to the point that when she put the net in his bowl, he would swim into he knew he was going on a little vaca and couldn't wait ]

then it was home and the doolittles went crazy to have all three of us there at once! and then it was bedtime.


how was that for an update?

i am grateful:

  • to have finally made it home safe and sound
  • to have had such an awesome photo experience with mallory
  • to have enjoyed a great weekend at the ranch
  • to re-connect with friends
  • to sleep in my own bed with my own pillow and blankies

just breathing isn't living!


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