weekend wrap up: lake style!

a great big, huge thank you to my mom!

i mean...the biggest and hugest thank you ever!

i'm not going to tell you that i had a storybook childhood. i'm not going to tell you that i had a miserable childhood.

i am going to tell that i did have an awesome childhood.

at least for me, it was awesome...i'm pretty sure my bros will tell you the same thing.

however, i'm not so sure my mom would agree.

i'm sure the four of us caused her to pull her hair out. i'm also pretty sure that the four of us kept clairol in the poor mom was most definitely driven to pre-mature gray.

now, i don't know that for a fact...i'm truly stating that for my own writing purposes make a fun story even better...taking liberties, you might say ;)

growing up was awesome at my house because my parents are/were awesome.

they weren't our friends but they weren't tyrants, either.

we were expected to behave in a certain manner and there were consequences if you didn't.

no, we weren't beaten but we were hung from the hook [ there may be a post on that at a later time...i wish there were pics of that hook ] and we were grounded [ mom always hated the grounding thing...that was dad's would never ground us because she knew it was bigger punishment for her than it was for us because dad would go off to work and she was the one that had to listen to us whine about being grounded and beg to be let off ;) ]

but more than parenting, what i want to talk about is the example my mom set for us kids.

we learned things by watching her example...that's how she taught us.

i learned how to stick up for my brothers because my mom always stuck up for me [ ie: marching right up to irene's door and giving her a piece of her mind after days of that bully tormenting me and first little bro after school ].

i learned how to take care of and run a household. my mom was awesome at that. she had four of us at home plus dad plus whatever animals we had at any given time.

i learned that just like in chess, the queen protects the king. she is an awesome wife.

mom always made sure our birthdays were special...even mine being 2 days before christmas...

she always made sure that we knew how important we were.

those are pretty powerful tools to give to children.

she showed me how to raise our teen ager...although kiroman and i have put our own twist on it in order to stay hip with the times.

my mom allowed me to find myself without judging [ well, at least out loud ;) ].

my parents taught me [ without even realizing, i bet ] how to run successful businesses and run a happy household at the same time...because that is the life they lived.

my dad used to say something along the lines of: i bring home the bacon and you cook it!

and he meant nothing but praises for my mom because that's the wife he wanted and the wife she wanted to be.

he worked outside the home all day.

she worked inside the home all day.

he came home from a long day of work to a sanctuary [ if you can call a house full of four kids and animals a sanctuary ;) ]

mom had dinner ready when he got home. mom had the house picked up. mom had the laundry taken care of.

my dad did what he did so my mom could do what she did.

and that's what kiroman and i have done.

he works outside the home and i work inside the home. [ now that doesn't mean that he doesn't help around the house with things and i don't help at the office with things because we both help each other out...all the time ]

he does what he does so i can do what i do.

it was always very very very important to us for me to be a stay home mom.

my mom was a stay home mom. she was a room mom. she was a party planner mom.

my mom was always home, waiting for us when we stepped off the bus. even when i was a senior in high school! my mom was always there!

i do remember one day, my senior year and i had ridden the bus for whatever embarrassing reason and when i walked in the house, she wasn't there. i won't lie, it was a really weird feeling. and i bet this is the first time she's ever heard that story.

i wanted to be that kind of mom to our children. and i was afforded that opportunity and i am so blessed to have experienced that!

i will also tell you, it takes sacrifice to do that.

as a kid, i'm sure if my mom had worked outside the home, we might have had more things but we would not have been as happy of a family as we were.

kiroman and i waited a long time to start our family.

we were married very young and had lots to accomplish before starting a family.

folks, we were married for eight years before teen ager came along! well, she didn't come out as a teen ager...she did start out as a newborn and grew her way through the baby stage, the toddler stage, the pre-teens, and now the last of the teen ager years!

not that there is ever a right time to get pregnant but we wanted to make sure that i would be able to leave corporate america and stay home with our baby...and not have to go back to work outside the home.

we purposely set it up that way. we consciously made certain decisions in order for me to be able to stay home.

because my parents had already shown me the way. i learned by their behavior. i learned by their example. not by what they said but by what they did.

my parents were excellent role models and everyone should be as lucky as i was in the parental unit department [ although i know there were times growing up that i didn't think i was so lucky ].

i look back on my childhood now and smile. and sometimes, just sometimes, i'd like to go back and re-visit a few of those dirt clod fights that ended with me getting a black eye! like dressing my bros up like my little sisters instead [ shhhh...don't tell anyone, they want to keep it a secret ]. and then there was the time i came home on a friday night from skating, to find that my dad had shaved his beard and moustache *gasp*. or waking the morning of my 16th birthday to find a queen size bed sheet decorated and hanging in the living room. or the pony my dad finally caved in and bought [ his name was tommy ]. or thinking my car had been crushed by the crusher when it was really getting a cool little paint job. or playing mermaid on the sidewalks in the summertime [ don't even ask ] or leaving my little bro at a rest area on the way to the yearly sojourn to estes park, co. or camping at milburn dam site and catching fish but having no hot water with which a teen aged girl could wash her hair in the middle of no where.

yep, those were awesome times!

thanks mom and dad!

Mothers day
grandma, mom, me, teen ager

pretty whacky, right? i see the resemblance like this: from grandma to mom to me to teen ager but if i were to look at grandma to teen ager, i don't see the resemblance so much...whatcha think?

i am grateful:

  • to have such a wonderful mom
  • to know that my mom is one of my best friends
  • to have had my mom as a role model
  • to have a four generation of ladies photo
  • to have the opportunity to be the best mom possible

just breathing isn't living!


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