prayer request

act as if...

when things get tough...

act as if.

when things are difficult...

act as if.

when things are a mix of trials and tribulations...

act as if.

when you really don't want to...

act as if.

obviously you can see this is my mantra right now.

it doesn't matter.

act as if you have finished that very first marathon.

act as if you have the chiropractic practice of your dreams.

act as if you have the most awesome relationships.

act as if the world is your oyster.

act as if you have accomplished those goals.

act as if you are the person you wish to be.

act as if your haters are your biggest fans.

act as if you have never met a stranger.

act as if your questions are answered with yes.

act as if...

you see, dear readers, i was once accused of portraying my life unrealistically through my blog...letting you all believe that i live the perfect life. that nothing ever goes wrong in my life. that i am perfect [ which is soooo funny...because if you know me, you know i will tell you there was only one perfect human and he no longer walks this earth...and that would be our lord and savior... ]

but anywhoo...that was the accusation...i'm not blog isn't real...what i say about my life with kiroman and teen ager isn't real.

but here's the deal, gentle reader: i feel i keep it real enough here. it is a public blog after all...i don't feel the whole internets needs to knowing all of my business! and sometimes, just sometimes, you want to keep the hard stuff to yourself. you want to keep the ugliness in the closet. you want to keep certain things private.

and that should be respected, right?

and the next deal is this: act as if!

come on! do you really want to read about how horrible my life might be at any given moment? you really want to read about failures? you really want to know every single struggle i address on a daily basis?

i suppose you might want to know all those yucky things if you and i are really tight.

but if we are really tight, then you would know those things before they hit the blog!

i suupose you might also want to know those things if it helps you feel better about yourself.

you know the kind of people i am talking about: never happy for anyone else's success or happiness...and glorify is someone's failures.

we've all encountered these people in our lives at one time or another. brings me back to:

act as if...

if i happen to be in a downer mood and i act as if i am happy...guess what? pretty soon, that downer mood is gone and happiness has taken its place.

i truly believe in the power of act as if.

i double dog dare you to try it!

Talk shit
and then i saw this on facebook and i thought it was rather fitting!

because if you really took the time to get to know me, you would know that my life over here is not perfect. you would know that the last thing i would ever wish upon anyone is failure! you would know that there is no room in my life for bullying [ being a sufferer of bullying in elementary will see me stop any type of bullying in its tracks, pronto! ] you would know that i pay it forward any chance i get...without posting on facebook, without screaming to the world my deeds of good and self worth...i do things because i want to, because i understand the value of paying it forward, because i know the universe will bring to me exactly what i put into the universe and that is goodness and light.

ya, i know...that little quote up there has a naughty word in it. but once again, if you truly know me, you know that i learned a long time ago...they are just words.

here's what's funny about words: it's not acceptable for a child to say what the hell or what the f$%k. but you will hear kids say what the heck! well...hell + f$%k = heck...seriously! think about we ever say what the damn? or what the shit? nope...sounds too weird, right? just a little side note for you!

i am grateful:

  • to understand act as if!
  • to understand the universal law
  • for the little birdie chirping outside my window right now
  • for the flowers blooming in my yard
  • for lint rollers

just breathing isn't living!


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