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today is wednesday.

today has been a pretty engaging day.

it started when i climbed outta bed about 6:30 this morning.

let the doolittles out, fed them, loved on them.

time for a quick breakfast then out to feed the ponies.

and pick both stalls...something i haven't been doing very well for a very long time. but after stripping stalls monday while kiroman was adjusting at kiroworld, i had an epiphany.

honestly, i started out a little angry.

angry that i was in the barn, cleaning up after horses that do nothing more than eat, drink and poop.

i was angry that teen ager was off sleeping at her dorm and these are her horses.

i was angry that we have taken them for granted and we all could show a little more love and appreciation to and for them.

after getting one stall done, i headed to the house for some water. and a break. and to get away from the barn.

then i had a phone call with horse trainer.

it was a great call.

we talked about lots of awesome, we are going to have three awesome babies next spring, the baby we had this spring is a pretty good little guy, cookie is doing great.

we talked about teen ager showing in her very last youth apha world show at the end of june *sniff* .

i expressed the gratitude my whole family has for him and what he does to keep our little cookie happy and healthy and ready to much my whole family loves cookie and what an awesome horse she is.

and then i went back to the barn and switched horses around [ i can only turn one out at a time here ] and started on the second stall...

this is where the epiphany stepped in and kicked me upside the head.

i do love these two guys.

one is teen ager's very first show horse...he's 22 this year! he was an awesome walk/trot horse for her. she learned so much from him and he really took care of her in the show pen. she loves him and he loves her. and he deserves it.

the other one is a pony teen ager got when she was 2...they are the same age...both 19. he put up with a lot. he let little girls braid his mane and tail, brush him, lead him around like a puppy dog. then he went to some shows and loved getting all dolled up to go into the pen. he put up with learning to drive while being hitched to a little red wagon with lasso ropes and lunge ropes...then we graduated to a real cart with a real harness.

these days, both of them just hang out.

and that's when i decided to spend more time in the barn with these guys every single day.

and i have.

and that's why i was up a little earlier than normal.

i wanted to get my barn time in before i had to leave for the gym.

plus i needed to get some laundry taken care of before leaving for the morning...we are leaving for colorado tomorrow morning...kiroman is speaking to a group of chiropractors there...teen ager and i thought it would be fun to tag along...she's done with school and it's been awhile since we were able to listen to him present!

so i headed off to the gym and worked out with the temp trainer and then dropped a smoothie off to kiroman and headed to the grocery store to pick up some beverages and snacks to take out to the lake house.

this saturday, we are having an all day EPOC with garrett gunderson. afterwards, we may head out to the lake to chillax on hee haw [ pontoon boat ]. garrett is totally in for it and is looking forward to just chilling out.

we did get everything done that we wanted to while we were at the lake last weekend...i left the bathroom in disarray and none of the towels were put away...and there was still some vacuuming that needed i did all that after working out.

and now, the lake house is totally ready...except for getting the tubes aired up and we can work on that sunday.

i was so grateful today to be at the lake. i am reminded how much i love having that special sanctuary for us to refuel, equalize and refresh ourselves.

last summer will never be far from my mind...the flooding...the boils in the lake and surrounding areas...the full timers that had to find some where else to live, everyone that packed up houses and stored it all some where else...the hard work that went into saving our community...brings me to tears when i think about all that happened last year.

i will embrace and love every minute we are afforded this year at the lake!

i am grateful:

  • to have the opportunity to own a vacation home
  • our vacation home was relatively unaffected by the flooding
  • to have the lake house re-situated and moved into once again
  • to the memories we have made and will make at the lake house
  • to have made it through another tough work out this morning...this guy is tough, people!!!

just breathing isn't living!


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