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five minute friday: identity

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i never really knew what i wanted to do with my life.


i met kiroman.

then i was introduced to chiropractic.

then i knew what i wanted to do with my life.

spend it with him!

and i never really wanted children.

ask anyone that knew me while i was growing up.

i didn't like to baby sit...still don't...

babies did not intrigue me...still don't...

and then i became a mother.

because i wanted to...it was not an oops situation by any means...it was something that took us quite a bit of time to achieve.

and when we did...i was blown away!

i love being a mom! i love our teen ager and cannot imagine our life without her.

but really...my identity is not chiropractic, although i do go by kirowyf in many circles.

my identity is not mother, although i am a mother.

my identity is not trophy wife...although i do go by that moniker in many circles.

my identity is me.

it is all those things. it is none of those things.

i do not feel that i am searching to fulfill something in my life...i accept and embrace who and what i am...here and now.

it fulfills me to be kirowyf, trophy wife and mom...and in no particular order.

it depends on the events at any given time, which hat i put on and proudly display!


i am grateful:

  • teen ager decided to play ralph, the furntire mover with me today!
  • to have a pick up to load my nfm purchases into and not wait for delivery
  • to have found my way back to the gym today
  • for my yoga pants
  • under armour has awesome, comfy clothes!

just breathing isn't living!


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