weekend wrap up: lake style!

how cool is this?

Md comment on kcc fb
pretty dang cool, isn't it?

the 3 year old's mom posted this on the kcc fb page on may 14, 2012.

when you see something like this...so publicly displayed, you know you are doing something right!

i know we are always doing great things in our office. i never doubt that...not for one single moment.

but when a mom doesn't just tell you this but posts it in a very public manner, it definitely humbles you.

this is what it is all about!

creating relationships with people...not treating their pain...not converting them to a care plan...not putting $$$ in your pocket.

it's about touching lives and making a difference.

i am grateful

  • for having the most awesome practice members on the planet!
  • for the relationships that are created every single day
  • for the adjusting ability kiroman has
  • for truly understanding the be, do, have
  • for the courage i possess to be me, in order to do what should be done, which allows me to have what i have

just breathing isn't living!


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