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five minute friday: identity

i love hearing this...

as you all know, kiroman hit the air ways [ the skies, not the radio ] monday morning.

his mission: to speak to a group of like minded chiropracTORs in new jersey.

the group was awesome. noah was a fabulous host [ so i heard ].

kiroman delivered his message and it was heard!

how do i know it was heard? because the feedback he received post epoc new jersey has been off the charts.

and you know what that means to me?

it means that the time away from me and teen ager, his office and practice members and please, do not forget the time away from the doolittles [ they really miss him when he's gone ] was worth it!

kiroman and i have talked at great length about his speaking engagements. and we have decided that if one person gets it, then it is so totally worth it. if one person has a monumental take away that will totally and indefinitely change their practice, it's worth it.

and believe me, i understand that his message is not going to be understood and accepted by everyone. just as there are speakers out there that we truly resonate with and some we do not. and we are okay with that.

why? because there are so many different types of people out there in this crazy world. which means there are all different types of chiropractors out there, too. and there are messages for everyone. they need to find the messenger that resonates with them and their style of practice best. that's all.

our greatest wish for every single chiropractor: is for everyone to succeed...for every single one of them to have the practice of their dreams...not the practice their consultants say they should have...not the practice their best friend from college has...but the most awesome practice they want to have.

we want chiropractic to be mainstream health care world wide. the only way that can happen: is if we flood the chiropractic colleges with awesome students and then those students go out into the world and create awesome practices, filled with awesome practice members! and for those that have already graduated: if there is any way we can help you achieve your dream practice, we are here to help! all you have to do is ask.

kiroman spends many hours on the phone every week...helping chiropractors achieve their dream practices but i know he has time to help even more!

like i said in a previous post, all we ask in return for his time, is that you pay it forward in some manner! help another chiropractor, mentor a student...or at the very least, take the info he bestows you and run with it, do something with it, create the practice of your dreams with it.

it's a journey, folks. it doesn't happen over night. it can't happen over night. slow and steady wins the race. fast and furious will land you on your face! [ i'm a poet and didn't even know it! ].

here is a little pic for today:

Chem trails
teen ager texted this to me...don't worry...she was stopped at our mail box area, waiting to get onto the highway...when she spied these chem trails. what are chem trails? this seemingly innocent exhaust from air planes...however, it is our firm belief [ and that of many others ] that it is actually poison being sprayed upon us. this contributes more to global warming than the carbon monoxide emitted from your auto. these are toxins being spread all across america...all across us...they've been crazy here this picture alone you can see three different chemical can read more about chem trails here.

i am grateful:

  • that age is only a number
  • kiroman understands me
  • i understand kiroman
  • to be a giver
  • for the opportunity to help

just breathing isn't living!


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