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five minute friday: community

just kickin' it...

that's what i'm doin'.

and kickin' myself!


we were at a horse show a few weekends ago and i lost my glasses...not sunglasses but my glasses glasses...i don't need them all the time...just reading, computer work, paying bils...those sorts of tedious things...

who knows what happened to them. i looked. i looked all over...in the stalls, in the alley ways, in the bathroom and concession stand...i retraced my steps but to no avail.

they were goners!

which was kinda ok...it had been 4 years since my last eye exam but more importantly, i wanted a new pair of frames.

so i went in last tuesday and did the whole exam, new frames, new lenses deal and picked up my kickin' new eye wear the very next day! can you even believe that? the next day! i could have even picked them up later that afternoon but i had other things goin' and didn't make it back.

so i had my glasses for about 6 full days when i went golfing with kiroman.

correction: kiroman golfed and i chilled in the cart and agreed when he made a great shot and empathized with the poor ones...but really, his game was spot on and there were very very few poor shots.

in the middle of the second hole, i realized my new glasses were goners!

so kiroman took his clubs and finished the hole while i back tracked [ sounding familiar yet? ] all the way to the clubhouse.

no luck.

i left a message in the clubhouse to hang onto them if someone found them...even if they had been mowed over...i have the insurance, i can replace them if i at least have some pieces left!

so far, no word.

so now, i am wearing teenagers glasses...it's ok, she never wore them and had to dig around her room to even find them.

they seem to working ok but i really miss my new glasses :(

at this point, i can't even make myself go in to get another pair.

i guess i am repenting by wearing teenager's.

until i can prove to myself that i can be responsible for my glasses.

but ya know what?

it's the first time i have ever lost a pair of glasses

[ unless you count that time that my bag swam away in the pacific ocean... ]

i am grateful:

  • for the ability to pay bills
  • for the ability to put gas in my jeep
  • for the ability to be here for teenager when she needs me
  • for the ability to have great conversations with my mom
  • for the ability to reward a marvelous staff

just breathing isn't living!


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