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B and b
i love these kids. both of them. one is mine and one is not. obviously, the girl is mine...that's teenager. the boy? the boy is gbr. and he is a great kid.

gbr was in a very bad car accident this last thursday night on his way home from work.

i want the boy to be okay. we all want the boy to be okay. the boy deserves to be okay.

gbr, i can only hope that you know how everyone that knows you is praying for your speedy recovery.

i'm waiting to hear your southern accent call me "mama koca" again.

with all our love to you, gbr.

i am grateful:

  • for the continuous updates on gbr's health status
  • for the prayers i am seeing for gbr's recovery
  • for the opportunity to know gbr
  • that gbr is a fighter
  • for the medical staff that is caring for each and every one of gbr's injuries

just breathing isn't living!


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